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  • Now the modern college is especially equipped to introduce its students to such literature.
  • The lecturer had not arrived, but had appointed certain students to get the materials in order.
  • This dreamy air must have lulled the students to sleep, for he heard nothing more from them.
  • The performers were students, to be sure, but she found it delightful nonetheless.
  • All thinking men, from simple students to professors of theology, are rising against you in arms.
  • Miss Hutchings was the first of the senior students to yield herself to the new influence.
  • The doctor must see that my body is not carried to Freiburg for the students to dissect.
  • In closing, let me enjoin all young American music students to strive for naturalness.
  • The stimulating way in which Abelard used it was potent in drawing students to Paris.
  • It did not take him long to discover that this peculiarity caused many of the students to regard him with scorn.
  • I trust that my experience will set some ambitious piano students to thinking and that they may be benefited by it.
  • It would be better for most vocal students to emit the breath for five seconds before attacking the tone.
  • The blood of the juniors and seniors was now up, and slowly but surely they forced the younger students to retreat.
  • Its suggestions are sent out to busy teachers and students to lodge in mind as plantings in good mental soil.
  • Her longing for the world was past now; she wished to be left in the quiet pastures with the students to talk to.
  • I advise students to stop after playing a passage several times, and think over what the notes mean.
  • But there seems to be something unusually strong and yet at the same time unusually intangible in the ties that bind its former students to it.
  • But there was some criticism, especially of the provision by which four shillings a week was granted to students to aid them in paying their board.
  • It is sufficient to direct the younger students to this particular, their minds being generally carried away by notions of variety and contrasts.
  • This was the professor who that morning called the roll and directed many of the students to recite the lesson from memory, word for word.
  • He writes these letters to students, to his fellow professors, to the president, indeed to any people who will let him write to them.
  • You, for instance; you avoid society, you are oppressed by it, and you have invited two students to stay with you.
  • She increased the number of fellowships given by the institution and sent Russian students to Gottingen.
  • The Superintendent and Teachers= wish all the students to be gladdened and strengthened by the joy of successful achievement.
  • From all countries they came to Wittenberg, doctors and students, to see the man face to face who had accomplished such great things.
  • Direct your questions to the points stated and the issues raised so as to compel students to think on the topics and so as to draw out the results of their thinking.
  • He therefore instigated the students to break into the church where the priests were reading mass and drive them and the people out in the most brutal and violent manner.
  • After the ceremony we were invited to assist at the dinner given by the students to the president, and a company among whom it was a distinction for a stranger to sit.
  • Several years ago the author was asked by his students to present to them some of the facts of Sexual Physiology and Hygiene.
  • Perhaps the most common thing for students to do is to try over again, while at practice, the music in which the error has been made, but doing it without thought.

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  • Dr. Quimby never had students to our knowledge.
  • We were divided into groups of five students to each instructor.
  • I refer to the fact that it admits women students to its studies.
  • I would enjoin students to listen to their own inner voices.
  • He gesticulated with great energy to induce the students to follow him.
  • Our present system encourages most students to take their athletics by proxy.
  • He set to work to restore his four recent students to consciousness.
  • I advise aspiring music students to read a great deal of poetry.
  • You are a Germanophile yourself and you taught your students to be.
  • On Sundays and holidays there would sometimes be extra students to lend a hand.
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