Stuffing in a sentence

Definition of Stuffing

present participle of stuff | The matter used to stuff hollow objects such as pillows and saddles. | Any of many food items used to stuff another.

How to use Stuffing in a Sentence?

  • Bill rejoined them while they were yet stuffing their shabby possessions together.
  • But the mother had found a blueberry patch and was stuffing herself industriously.
  • We will have kicked the stuffing out of the bucket and wended our way up the golden stair.
  • I suppose all the hunting and hard work lately has knocked the stuffing out of you.
  • Melian, picking up the tiny creature and stuffing it into the hollow of her cheek and neck.
  • In my drawing, the stuffing of the back has been accidentally shown too much rounded.
  • The landlord found his stuffing somewhat warm, and had laid aside half his fleshy encumbrance.
  • Make a stuffing of fine bread crumbs, parsley or thyme, butter, salt and pepper.
  • The robber then went through all the registered pouches, stuffing the packages into his pockets.
  • I asked myself peevishly, taking a clean handkerchief out of the drawer and stuffing it in my pocket.
  • They are still found in my kitchen, and are used in scant amount as a flavoring for stuffing of fowl.
  • They wanted to get the nearest thing they could to a stuffed man whose stuffing should not grow mouldy.
  • At the mine two stealthy men were even then stuffing masses of powder under the foundations that held the cables to their work.
  • With that he sat his teeth hard and pulling a leather pouch out of his pocket, began stuffing the pipe decisively.
  • Pepper asked himself, and stuffing the napkin that held the cake and sandwich into his pocket, he moved forward on a run.
  • Halve the rolls lengthways and remove the crumb; soak the crusts for a few minutes in a little cold milk when the stuffing is ready.
  • If you were to put that on, and used a bit o' stuffing here and there, you wouldn't be so much amiss.
  • Then, getting his sporting gun from the rack and stuffing a handful of cartridges into his pocket, he signified his readiness to start.
  • During the first four or five months the food should be thin, and taken through a teat, thus preventing the stuffing of the infant.
  • Look at the Rudiments; they begin by insisting on stuffing into the heads of children a crowd of the most abstract ideas.
  • And then he'll lie awake for nights after, stuffing his head with translations from the Greek.
  • People, as a rule, dislike the periodical whitewashing, and are fond of stuffing up the ventilators, but otherwise they are very well satisfied.
  • They move very easily, having a loose stuffing of feathers thickly set round the piston so as to act as a valve, and produce a regular blast.
  • Prepare a stuffing as for chicken of crumbled, stale bread, etc., or soak pieces of stale bread in cold water.
  • The chickens stopped stuffing themselves with grasshoppers, and, while the hens cackled "good by," the roosters crowed it.
  • Make a stuffing of the breadcrumbs, parsley, mint, and eschalots, adding the egg well beaten, and seasoning.
  • The egg-plant is treated in half-a-dozen ways by the Greeks, stuffing them with some simple forced meat being the most common.
  • Pudding in early days was the stuffing of meat and poultry, while concoctions of eggs, milk, flour, sugar, etc.
  • Whilst I was talking to these angelic creatures, their beloved lord was quietly stuffing capons, without hearing our polite discourse.

Short Example Sentence for Stuffing

  • You are all good at stuffing yourselves!
  • About stuffing us, now.
  • He was engaged in stuffing food into a knapsack.
  • This is a very good stuffing for poultry, or lamb.
  • Meanwhile, Charley was stuffing the tick with dry leaves.
  • You're always stuffing me up.
  • And whatever made you knock the stuffing out of your cap like that?
  • Dick took his pipe out of his pocket and began stuffing it full of tobacco.
  • Do you imagine that I am sitting here stuffing you chock-full of lies?
  • The stuffing is of fern, feathers, mounga, and sundry other matters.
  • Lewes, G. H., quoted on the stuffing of children with knowledge, 40, 41.

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