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  • They said it stunk too badly.
  • Horrible guttering tallow smoked and stunk in passages.
  • I bought for ten francs one of these fish which stunk terribly.

How To Use Stunk In A Sentence?

  • It stunk of gunpowder; and there was little thin layers of smoke hanging quiet between the walls.
  • We stunk mightily of seal oil; our garments were shiny with it, the very pores of our skins seemed to ooze it.
  • Although it was not yet noon, a case-bottle and glasses were on the table, and the whole apartment stunk abominably with the fumes of whisky.
  • Then I, in defence of my honour, killed three of them; and, lest they should have stunk and offended the neighbourhood, ate them up too.
  • Thou liest, I think abominably, and thou hadst been In my place, thou wouldst have stunk at both ends.

Definition of Stunk

simple past tense and past participle of stink
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