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How To Use Stunner In A Sentence?

  • He was angered however to find his flame pistols and stunner had been taken away from him.
  • Next, he brought out a palm-sized stunner which he concealed in his hand by aid of a wrist-strap.
  • Manning bent and picked it up, returned the stunner to its holster and held the disintegrator on him.
  • His fingers squeezed the rubber-mounted grips of the stunner concealed in the palm of his left hand.
  • The man staggered forward two steps, trying to raise his stunner again, but suddenly it clattered to the floor and he crumpled on top of it.
  • Suddenly Manning was among them, smashing his way through with a stunner in his hand, swinging it like a club.
  • It's a stunner to find that Joe's gone, now, in addition to all the rest, but we must keep a stiff upper lip.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Stunner | Stunner Sentence

  • Manning raised the stunner coldly and let him have it.
  • He drew out his stunner from its holster and looked at it for a moment.
  • Manning looked around him, swinging the stunner loosely in his hand.

Definition of Stunner

(colloquial) Anything that is stunning. | (wrestling) A professional wrestling maneuver in which an attacking wrestler applies a facelock to an opponent and falls to a seated position, forcing the opponent's jaw or neck to drop on the attacker's shoulder. | (science fiction) A pistol firing a beam capable of stunning an enemy.
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