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  • Her drawing-room is the stupidest place on earth.
  • Players are certainly the cleverest and the stupidest creatures in the world.
  • I am the stupidest of all people in reading riddles or solving difficulties.
  • It was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard.
  • Wiltshire people, she declared, were the stupidest in England.

How To Use Stupidest In A Sentence?

  • I am convinced that the fattest and stupidest slugs that live, live near the brook.
  • They had three officers to testify against him, and they were the stupidest liars I ever saw.
  • The provincial imagination was set upon a throne and worshipped heavily through incense of the stupidest conventions possible.
  • The stupidest fourth cousin had more, even though she had been nothing in such a person's life.
  • To be corrected by a donkey, generally considered one of the stupidest of animals, was not at all to his liking.
  • They said no more than that, but the stupidest person in the world might have seen that they were glad to meet, glad to be together.
  • With the warning of the cheerful theatre before us, then, it would be the stupidest folly to pay any heed to the new plea for cheerful books.
  • Their pecuniary value enables even the stupidest and most unimaginative to realize the crime that is committed when they are ruthlessly and wantonly destroyed.
  • The code of modern manners is to make ease the first of all objects; and, in order that the stupidest man may be at his ease, the ablest is to be sacrificed.
  • Only a look of stupidest unintelligibility could I return, however, and had to roar with laughter at the very foolishness of my position up on that stone.

Definition of Stupidest

superlative form of stupid: most stupid
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