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  • Elly was struck into stupor at this.
  • His stupor was profound.
  • Larry repeated in the stupor of his amazement.
  • There is stupor east and west.
  • A sort of stupor followed.
  • At that moment she awoke from the stupor of exaltation.
  • But the very mental stupor of many of them was an aid.
  • She sat in a stupor of confusion and shame.
  • The old man roused her from the stupor of dread.
  • Below the plain lay outflung in the stupor of midday.
  • He gave it in a stupor of felicity, and she fled.
  • The stupor of sleep still held her in its dulling grasp.
  • The Captain is lying in a state of stupor in his cabin.
  • And Gaston smiled, and the stupor fell upon him again.
  • They shocked Martin sober, blew the stupor from his mind.
  • The mind was only sunk into a stupor of complete unconsciousness.
  • I am annoyed at what you tell me of the state of stupor in which she still is.
  • What was this unendurable stupor that clung about him like a net?
  • The conversation roused the girl from the stupor into which she was falling.
  • He was roused from a sort of stupor by the sound of running water.
  • Several warriors ate and drank until they fell down in a stupor by the fires.
  • If aroused, he sinks back into the stupor in a few moments as before.
  • A heavy stupor seemed to take intire possession of all her faculties.
  • A great quiet had fallen over them, the paralyzing stupor of despair.
  • These were the last words, and soon after a stupor fell upon her.
  • It seemed, indeed, less sleep than stupor that overcame her.
  • Young Pete in a stupor from which he did not awaken for many hours.
  • Lord Grosville awoke from his stupor with a jerk, and did as he was told.

How To Use Stupor In A Sentence?

  • It was the sub-stratum which could not be roused from the stupor of indifference.
  • That the stupor might be the result of weariness had never once suggested itself.
  • A sharp knock at the door startled him out of the stupor into which he was sinking.
  • Fred was the first to sink into a stupor from which he awakened only at rare intervals.
  • I looked at the miserable being who lay groaning and uneasy in the stupor of intoxication.
  • My entrance alarmed him not, nor roused him from the stupor into which he was plunged.
  • The brief sentence was followed by a sort of stupor which paralyzed the two adversaries.
  • A stupor due to the food and the reaction from her nervous and physical exhaustion came over her.
  • They shuffled back, staring down at the scattered leaves in a stupor of surprise.
  • When he awoke from his stupor late the next morning, he was in a comfortable bed.
  • So she covered her face again, and sank into a whirling stupor of sense and feeling.
  • A can of that stuff let through the roof would put them into a dead stupor without waking them.

Definition of Stupor

(transitive) To place into a stupor; to stupefy. | A state of reduced consciousness or sensibility. | A state in which one has difficulty in thinking or using one’s senses.

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