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How To Use Sturdy In A Sentence?

  • The fine proportions and sturdy treatment of the architecture of this house deserve study.
  • Now we have our fine towns which have grown from the early work of these first sturdy settlers.
  • As a matter of fact, she was a sturdy little body and knew the secret of keeping her strength.
  • I know no man who seems more like a man, more indescribably human, than this sturdy blacksmith.
  • Star Face and Clipclap were two sturdy little animals, and were gentle with the children.
  • This trait was as marked in this sturdy people in Catholic England as it is in Protestant England.
  • His sturdy knees were pressing the skirts of the saddle with a firmness that left no room for doubt as to the tension his nerves were under.
  • The sturdy arms that spoked the hind wheels were resolutely antagonized by as vigorous struggles to move the fore ones.
  • The more hearty and sturdy expression may indicate that the savageness of the Norseman was not all gone.
  • When they went back they sent out two consecrated missionaries to occupy the new house and use the sturdy little car.
  • Here and there a sturdy young oak that had been newly stripped of its bark lay among the fern, like the naked corpse of a giant.
  • They entered the cabin and found its owner and sole occupant there, a rugged and sturdy and simple-hearted man of middle age.
  • It was a curious peculiarity in this sturdy youth, that whatever his invalid brother wished, he immediately wished also.
  • Turning about he saw that a sturdy Indian dressed in warrior's garb had stolen upon him.
  • The apparatus, squatting on a sturdy table in the small room beyond, had the slightly haywire look of an experimental model.
  • He was a sturdy youth with a dark, rather forbidding face, in which the acute observer might have read signs of the savage.
  • It requires the vigorous assault of young and sturdy intelligences, and, above all, immense persistence, to effect it.
  • The handles of the axes which leveled extensive forested areas in Colonial days were frequently made from sturdy hickory wood.
  • His was one of those sturdy natures that could always be depended upon to play the game, win, lose, or draw.
  • On the table, beside a sturdy little samovar, stood a soup tureen with cold cabbage soup and a plate with the remnants of some sauce.
  • I would see many and goodly sons about me, strong of body, lusty in fight, such as only a wholesome and sturdy woman can bear and rear.
  • Jessie assured him that she was well protected, and Joe and I followed her and her sturdy escort out to the gate.
  • It is a strong and sturdy quality, is this simplicity of which I am speaking, and nothing else will atone for lack of it in the public speaker.
  • He loved his country well and, when war came, sent forth three sturdy sons to help repel the British foe.
  • Sam Bass, his corn-fed sorrel, was hardly less sleek and sturdy than at the start, though a third of the way was behind him.
  • In the midst of my doleful dumps, some one tapped me on the shoulder, and looking up I saw a couple of rough sturdy fellows standing behind me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sturdy | Sturdy Sentence

  • It hides in their sturdy will.
  • She was still the same sturdy soul.
  • It was an age of strong feeling and sturdy diction.
  • But behind the piece lay a line of sturdy cavalrymen.
  • And sturdy Saxon hind!
  • Now, then, which is it to be, my sturdy young married man?
  • Resolute, the sturdy old Baba began to climb the steps.
  • I am not Rhoda Hanlan with her sturdy German peasant stock.
  • The sturdy little craft were clustered thick as ants on either beam.
  • Well sheltered shall he be Who leans against a sturdy tree.
  • Suddenly the Turk caught sight of the painted features of the sturdy redskin.
  • Kibei, attended by the sturdy and faithful Kakusuke, remained to nurse him.
  • Dechamp was a sturdy young half-breed and an old playmate of La Certe.
  • The simple story of Rose, a country girl and Stephen a sturdy young farmer.

Definition of Sturdy

Of firm build; stiff; stout; strong. | Solid in structure or person. | (obsolete) Foolishly obstinate or resolute; stubborn.
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