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  • An attractive, stylishly dressed young woman had halted.
  • The girls were pretty and stylishly dressed, but they had a predatory air.
  • I think she is tall and dark and slender, and very, very stylishly dressed.

How To Use Stylishly In A Sentence?

  • The more stylishly attired man disappeared, but returned instantly with a drawn sword in his hand.
  • She wore a dark blue traveling suit and a small hat set stylishly on her curling brown hair.
  • The woman was stylishly dressed, but that was no proof that she had the ready cash essential at such a time.
  • She was wearing a cool gray-green hat above her golden-gleaming hair, and her sheer gingham gown was stylishly summery.
  • He was stylishly encased in a suit of tan whipcord, with creases down his trousers front that cut the air like the prow of a ship.
  • The stylishly dressed women, the men in their well-fitting clothes, the gestures and modulations of voice, these were not of her world.
  • Although Maggie was pretty and stylishly dressed, Barlow did not rise nor did he remove the big cigar he had been viciously gnawing.
  • She had been dressed like the other children in that little country town, and had never seen a fashion book or a stylishly dressed person in her life.
  • The wife of a poorly paid clerk, or of a young man just starting in business, aims at dressing as stylishly as does the wealthiest among her acquaintances.
  • No wonder that at first he looked at the stylishly gowned young woman, who stood before him with one gloved hand extended, in a puzzled, uncomprehending way.

Definition of Stylishly

In a stylish manner.

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