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  • Psmith joined suavely in the dialogue.
  • Thus they spoke, and spoke suavely and courteously.

How To Use Suavely In A Sentence?

  • In this way the cross-fire began, suavely and rapidly, as a conversational sport.
  • What to the waiter, as he pours your coffee, The violinist who suavely draws his bow?
  • He will be able to paint in oils very suavely with more knowledge, daring and patience than painters.
  • She could not imagine her father anything but suavely courteous, even under the most untoward circumstance.
  • She smiled suavely on an impromptu pun, because her experience of the humorous appreciation of it by her guests bade her welcome the upstart.
  • By a curious inconsistency, man will permit woman to help him out of a political dilemma and will then suavely remark that suffrage will degrade her.

Definition of Suavely

In a suave manner.
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