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  • My philosopher was subdued and gentle.
  • All are hushed with subdued expectancy.
  • Sanity consists in not being subdued by your means.
  • England was not to be subdued by mere annoyance.
  • His pain subdued him in silence.
  • I could just catch the murmur of a subdued voice.
  • It was not radiance, but peace and subdued calm.
  • They were, in fact, subdued by it.
  • A subdued sob rose and fell with the sadness of the theme.
  • There was another subdued shriek, then a hysterical giggle.
  • At last the Lieutenant began to speak in a subdued voice.
  • An emotion of pity for a moment subdued my fiercer feelings.
  • Throughout the short hour that followed he was vivacious and subdued by turns.
  • Captain Griffiths leaned down from his trembling but subdued horse.
  • It was in the subdued voice of a shepherd from the mountains of Lycia.
  • Captain Jack's only reply was a subdued growl.
  • When Abbott came over later that day, he was subdued in manner.
  • Sank the red fire, Shivered and sank Subdued into blackness.
  • Britten wasn't subdued by his first rebuff; presently he was at us again.
  • But Brant's subdued mood only lasted till he had shut the saloon door.

How To Use Subdued In A Sentence?

  • Hence they would change the mad nightly ravings to the subdued groans of the punished.
  • By screen and veranda the blinding sunshine was subdued to a cool, dim radiance.
  • In the outer office he could hear the clicking of typewriters, the subdued murmur of voices.
  • So circumstanced, he certainly never could and never did wish the colonists to be subdued by arms.
  • The light grew subdued with the approaching storm and Wallie commented upon the coolness.
  • They act more in the manner of thieves who have got possession of an house than of conquerors who have subdued a nation.
  • That the knowledge about it was subdued by fanatic religious rulers, in their attempt to subjugate total control over them.
  • The roar of the city mounted to their high coign only in a subdued murmur, as of the sea at a distance.
  • The rest, with the exception of the mountains in its center, has been gradually subdued by the zeal of the regular missionaries.
  • And presently, above the subdued but menacing noises of the fire, the beat of galloping hoofs uprose.
  • Many were subdued with awe and joy at their deliverance; others broke the tense strain of the last hours in suffocating sobs.
  • The apartment in which she lived was on the second floor; and there was luxury everywhere, but luxury subdued and charmed by taste.
  • Her hunted air was set down to mental strain and she was allowed to remain an unconsulted spectator, treated by everybody with subdued gentleness.
  • The light, softened by the subdued light of the globe of ground crystal, fell softly on the face of the count.
  • It was crying pitifully, but in a subdued sort of whimper, as if it felt that crying was of no use when nobody listened and nobody cared.
  • I saw in her pallid and wasted features; in the prompt terror and subdued agony of her eye a whole history of a mind broken down by tyranny.
  • The jeweller smiled good naturedly, and pattered his broken English in a subdued and deferential tone.
  • It was a well-meant effort, which had the effect of congealing the already subdued Joan into something resembling a marble effigy.
  • The Emperor, who has subdued states and people to his rule, can hardly bear that your and my fatherland should remain so entirely independent.
  • We alone have attempted to educate them in our own literature and science and to make them by education the intellectual partners of the civilization that subdued them.

Definition of Subdued

Conquered; overpowered; crushed; submissive. | Not glaring in color; soft and light in tone. | simple past tense and past participle of subdue
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