Submissive in a sentence

Definition of Submissive

Meekly obedient or passive. | (BDSM) One who submits to a dominant partner in sexual practices. | (rare) One who submits.

Short Example Sentence for Submissive

  • 1. He found her submissive and wishful to be pleasant.
  • 2. What a wonderful power of submissive self-control!
  • 3. The customary attitude of a submissive inferior at that time.
  • 4. To keep the blacks submissive there is need of neither army nor navy.
  • 5. Parliaments, nobles, and Huguenots were alike submissive and reverential.
  • 6. Then Harry, in submissive tones, inquired what Mrs. Yorke would have her do.

How to use Submissive in a Sentence?

  • 1. A simple girl, whom until now he had only known as the gentlest and most submissive of daughters.
  • 2. She followed unresistingly; her gentle nature was submissive even in affliction.
  • 3. Folk made they submissive readily enough, and many country folk were thereon baptized.
  • 4. The young convict had ceased hostilities, and stood submissive by the side of his unknown friend.
  • 5. Is it not hard for the human heart, so full of pride, to pass submissive under the rod?
  • 6. With a mild, submissive look, he held out his hand to the judge, who took and shook it heartily.
  • 7. Instead of creating men, a perfect God ought to have created only docile and submissive angels.
  • 8. These people are at first submissive to an extraordinary degree and then they become dangerously revolutionary.
  • 9. You have repeatedly shown, that you will never be able to reconcile yourself to the humble and submissive condition of a burgher.
  • 10. We beg you be submissive and pay to him all rents and taxes which fall due until we find an opportunity to visit you in person.
  • 11. Indeed, she seemed slighter and paler than ever, and if possible more submissive to her lot and more taciturn.
  • 12. He kept out of the way of temptation almost timidly, and was faithful to her, and as submissive as a spaniel.
  • 13. The martinets command, often totally blind to the changing nature of the subjects as they pass from the submissive to the rebellious.
  • 14. Nothing apparently was too cringing or servile to show how submissive the people were to the mastery of Rosas.
  • 15. Their positions were changed; the hitherto submissive daughter now commanded, and forced the haughty father to subjection.
  • 16. You wish me to be as one of your princes, who are submissive to your orders, and to use me as a tool for the maintenance of your clerical tyranny.
  • 17. The house grew submissive and stolid, but one could see half-awakened prejudices sitting in the dress-circle.
  • 18. Williams wrote a submissive letter, and offered his book, or any part of it, to be burned after the manner of that time.
  • 19. Rain cannot dim the radiant freshness, for trees thus queenly clothed in blossoms never bend submissive to the pelting skies.
  • 20. Shyness, which is the nearest approach to shame, is shown by women when meeting a stranger, and gives them a submissive look.
  • 21. All this while Jonathan made no endeavor to escape, but stood passive and submissive to what might occur.
  • 22. There was nothing meek or submissive about her; her head was held high, her eyes were blazing, and her cheeks were crimson.
  • 23. Now she was silent, absent, pensive, very kind to me, more genuinely submissive and dutiful to her mother.
  • 24. They told Murat more than this, destroying the pleasant picture of a submissive and contented population with which he had solaced his mind.
  • 25. No school is found on Boeroe, and the simple people assert with submissive sadness that nothing is done for them.
  • 26. Etiquette acts persuasively upon the will, it helps to make military life desired, and to make men submissive under control of absolute leaders.
  • 27. If but you heard, from submissive choice, The great celestial spirit's voice.
  • 28. He felt that he had not even deserved the friendship she now offered him in place of her former love, and was patient and submissive under his just punishment.
  • 29. Lady Hamilton takes possession of him, and he is a willing captive, the most submissive and devoted I have ever seen.
  • 30. Of what use is it for us to teach the people to be docile and submissive when their worst passions are excited by others, who tell them to make nothing of our teaching?
  • 31. Death approached, and submissive as was the Christian soul of Eva, she yet felt the anguish of separation and the solemn awe of the future.
  • 32. If our men strove hard to be always submissive it is because they knew that a single attempt at revolt might have caused the village to be set on fire and the inhabitants dispersed.
  • 33. She still cried but her hysteria left her, just as did her spirit and her self-value, turning her into a submissive bag of flesh that rattled with blood and bones.
  • 34. The pre-natal maternal influence, and subsequent treatment after birth, were such that they were naturally patient and readily submissive to kind parental control.