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  • Bradlaugh of himself takes and subscribes the oath, and takes his seat.
  • It is each Individual who for himself subscribes the Social Compact.

How To Use Subscribes In A Sentence?

  • Whether the doctor fully subscribes to this opinion in his secret heart might be a question.
  • When a person subscribes to certain articles of belief, he has no further use for his brains.
  • The writer has stated such facts as he knows to be true, and subscribes his name to them.
  • My teacher subscribes for your paper for children, so that I learn a great deal.
  • A few take two copies, no one takes more save Jaudenes, who subscribes for five.
  • He subscribes himself in his speech to the Queen in the last month, by translation, Thomas.
  • A rich man who subscribes a hundred dollars to a charity, is thought to merit less commendation than the widow who gives her mite.
  • In the eastern States the printers will print nothing against it, unless the writer subscribes his name.
  • It accepts fully the democratic and social principle of nationality and subscribes to the doctrine that all covenants and treaties shall be entered into openly and frankly without secret diplomacy.

Definition of Subscribes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of subscribe
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