Subsequent In A Sentence

Definition of Subsequent

Following in time; coming or being after something else at any time, indefinitely. | Following in order of place; succeeding.

How To Use Subsequent In A Sentence?

  • The significance of this very important fact will be discussed in a subsequent chapter.
  • The methods employed for effecting this separation will be described in subsequent chapters.
  • During the subsequent years, the twins grew and each had entered their own peculiar studies.
  • This statement of the Lysons has also been freely used by subsequent writers of county histories.
  • This precaution was taken in order to prevent a subsequent assertion of the Monroe Doctrine.
  • This is an element which has been wrought into their system by the subsequent progress of human knowledge.
  • But that only makes him offensive in his brief conviviality and morose in the long subsequent sulkiness.
  • The subsequent impulses sent from the subscribers' generators operate this drop.
  • I remember very distinctly a dinner and a subsequent walk with him which presents itself now as altogether typical of the quality of his influence.
  • In this article, to attempt even a sketch of the subsequent military operations is not to be thought of.
  • This was the same little girl that resulted the subsequent formation of the spiritualism that has been followed for the last four hundred years.
  • Each layer of wire and thread as it is placed on the core is completely insulated from the subsequent layer by a layer of paper.
  • The melting had come immediately, and subsequent behaviour had always been beautiful until the devil pricked again.
  • These, after firing, were then apparently covered with coloured vitreous glazes by a subsequent operation.
  • Their subsequent actions confirmed it, for they approached divers persons of their acquaintance as if they had business of a confidential nature.
  • But there is no evidence to show that suicides, generally, are caused by seasonal overtension and subsequent collapse.
  • This is in effect making the transmitter circuit twice as long as is necessary, as will be shown in the subsequent systems considered.
  • This phantom was evidently due to the production of the sensation of light in the field of vision, and the subsequent effects of the imagination.
  • Millions died, and many more perished in subsequent plagues and famines, which spread throughout the entire world.
  • And I never disillusioned her by any subsequent levity from this theory of my innate and virginal piety.
  • The mythology of one period would then appear to pass into the romance of the next, and that into the nursery tales of subsequent ages.
  • It is probable that the original or some subsequent scribe, observing an error at this point, inserted these figures as a correction.
  • Rarely have I eaten a breakfast which put so slight a subsequent strain upon my digestive processes.
  • A subsequent examination of the melon patch established the truth of Joe's words.
  • But, while this was probably the origin of the word Rom, there were subsequent reasons for its continuance.
  • With every subsequent reading of the words, Orren became more frustrated and less did he succeed in his understanding of any of it.
  • He could wait to see her come out or return at once to his hotel, which, as subsequent events affirmed, would have been the more sensible course.
  • These words, whether intentionally so or not, were prophetic of Bolivar's subsequent career.
  • And the prophecy of Saint Patrick was proved by the subsequent misery visited on the man and on his children.
  • This argument is, in substance, the same as that presented by Bayle, and relied upon by atheists in all subsequent times.
  • A constable neatly humbugged a footman, and I may here mention the incident, though it is subsequent to the episode of this chapter.
  • He watched, however, as King went back to the bed, and subsequent proceedings seemed to fascinate him.
  • It will be shown in a subsequent chapter that sometimes two or more atoms of the same element unite with each other to form molecules of the element.
  • With his subsequent permission, I was privileged to give the British public its first information on that subject.
  • Some will chatter at eighteen months and some will hardly speak until three, and the thing has very little to do with their subsequent mental quality.
  • The bearing plates in which the armature is journaled are then secured to the ends of these pole pieces, as will be shown in subsequent illustrations.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Subsequent | Subsequent Sentence

  • The strength of this we purpose to try in a subsequent chapter.
  • It was, as subsequent events proved, a most fortuitous choice.
  • On subsequent Sundays he brought eggs and other delicacies for the sick.
  • In subsequent operations he acted immediately under General Grant.

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