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  • The pain will commonly subside under treatment.
  • It had to subside like the sea at flood-tide.
  • The lake would gradually subside to its former calm.
  • His pulse began to subside and once more he sat erect in the saddle.
  • The interval was over, and the audience began to subside into attention.
  • After a moment his arms wave aimlessly, then subside and drop.
  • A year's time allows passion to subside and reason to resume its sway.

How To Use Subside In A Sentence?

  • Her agitation had no chance to subside before they must file out to the dining room.
  • It may thrust forth here and there a tongue of threat, only to subside and smoulder again.
  • However, the noise was winked at, believing it would soon subside and pass off.
  • The pain from the current will probably subside somewhat, and perhaps altogether, under treatment.
  • Here vast areas subside into valleys and deep abysses; there mountain peaks shoot up heavenwards.
  • Soon, by concurrent steps, the day began to break and the fog to subside and roll away.
  • The wave of the Austrian invasion began to subside at the end of the first week in November.
  • No, no, I shall simply subside gracefully into old maidhood, as so many of us do nowadays.
  • But our friend Professor Giroud has something to say, and I subside to make room for him.
  • While waiting for the storm to subside we had leisure to speculate on the chances of success in discovering the pole.
  • These phenomena however are not dangerous and rapidly subside as soon as the urine eliminates the substances that cause them.
  • To ask them to subside to a species of mere provincialism is an outrage on their struggle of seven hundred years for liberty.
  • This treatment causes the cold stage to rapidly subside and more rapidly induces and intensifies the sweating stage.
  • For the trouble is that when once two or three stories have been told it seems to be a point of honour not to subside into mere conversation.
  • To learn that the haunting sounds of the tide would at length subside was a new and disquieting addition to what he had previously deduced.
  • Three intense variant attachments by a motherless girl under twenty, which subside when she falls in love with a man.
  • The swelling and the pain are the consequences of the pregnancy, and will in due time subside without any unpleasant result.
  • It was my province to make his anger confine itself to words, and patiently to wait till the paroxysm should end or subside of itself.
  • The disease may subside in several months and the process come to an end, constituting the acute type.
  • He saw the clear, warm color rise and subside like the throbbing of an auroral light in a starry night.
  • And, as a feeling of love and understanding for others is developed, so will the greed subside and the desire to share be expanded!
  • Curiously enough, after the passage of this last fall the waters did not subside in speed, though the waves disappeared.
  • Popular frenzy had fulfilled its mission, and, as a natural consequence, it began to subside from that time forth.
  • And yet insensibly things began falling into shape, as particles of sand gradually subside after a whirlwind and settle into a definite form.
  • At any rate, we are convinced that she would never subside into a "lilac print" or a "neat alpaca" without a tremendous struggle.
  • If he remain neutral, it is to let France subside into the position of seeing Europe able to do without her.
  • When his smarting began to subside his passion cooled a little, yet he felt wicked; and, rolling on the floor, vowed he would kill his stepfather.
  • However, all my alarms began to subside when we got sight of land; and at last the ship arrived at Falmouth, after a passage of thirteen weeks.
  • She knows how hard it is for one of our supposedly prosperous families to get credit and how long they have to talk to the grocer before he will subside for another month.
  • Though evidently a remarkable and clever man, he is extremely egotistical and vain, and much disappointed at having to subside from his former grandeur.
  • Things by their weight subside into the wave; Thy lightness, Peter, threats a wat'ry grave.
  • Without the armed force to implement their decisions the Nationalists would have been compelled to let their endeavors subside into subterranean defeat.
  • The first nuptial relations should be fruitless, in order that the indispositions possibly arising from them shall have time to subside before the appearance of the disturbances incident to pregnancy.

Definition of Subside

(intransitive) To sink or fall to the bottom; to settle, as lees. | (intransitive) To fall downward; to become lower; to descend; to sink. | (intransitive) To fall into a state of calm; to be calm again; to settle down; to become tranquil; to abate.
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