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  • His plan is substantially that now adopted.
  • The case is substantially the same with children.
  • His anticipation, however, was substantially correct.
  • It was substantially furnished, mid-Victorian in character.
  • Bold as was the undertaking it was substantially accomplished.
  • This is substantially the acceptance of what the Church ordains.
  • M. Liard seems to us substantially to admit all these conclusions.
  • I think the use of "thee" and "thou" is substantially correct.
  • This language was incorporated substantially in the President's message.
  • Up to that time, Mr. Green's was substantially as we have related it.

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  • The plan then adopted was substantially the same which was necessarily followed ever after.
  • It is impossible for me at present to re-write it; it appears substantially as it was.
  • A mouthpiece to converge the sound upon this diaphragm substantially completes the arrangement.
  • Street-begging was prohibited by drastic laws; poverty was substantially a crime.
  • These barracks are substantially built of wood, with well-set floors and large windows.
  • Dean Trench, who handles words as a numismatist his coins, has said substantially the same thing.
  • It was very substantially constructed and by skilled workmen, who no doubt came from Fort Towson.
  • Mr. Parker occupied substantially the same ground that was taken by James Walker in 1834.
  • Take any connected account of the revelation of the divine will, and this history is substantially the same.
  • The case is substantially the same with the enormous difficulties to be encountered in learning to read and to write.
  • Economists are substantially agreed that this principle is applicable to the taxation of all kinds of property with certain exceptions.
  • I hope that this country will continue in substantially its present form of government for many centuries.
  • As nobody on our side of the footlights takes these seriously the folk on the other side must substantially dilute the seriousness.
  • Where the teachers change, the group will dwindle, and the efforts of the visitor will have been substantially wasted.
  • But their real success, even in this case, is often substantially the same with that already recited.
  • It may, perhaps, be said by the reader that this is substantially the same as giving a direct reward for the obedience.
  • The early promise of substantially reinforcing Kutusoff's army had not been fulfilled.
  • The boundaries of this family as given by Gallatin are substantially in accordance with our present knowledge of the subject.
  • Originally, the prevailing ideas and habits of the colonists and of the Englishmen who remained at home had been substantially the same.
  • In very many cases, perhaps in a large majority of them, the predictions made by the weather bureau substantially come to pass.
  • Both teach, and both teach in great part the same subjects and in substantially the same way; that is, by means of textbook and recitation.
  • We may, however, be pretty sure that the original is substantially contained in what is given, and that the character is therefore preserved.
  • In his earlier teaching he speaks of his own religion as being substantially the same as Judaism and Christianity.
  • The universe is his name, his image; this primal existence, containing all in itself, is the only one substantially existing.
  • Mr. Baxter, acute and metaphysical as he was, placed the argument substantially on the same ground.
  • Can it hope that the North will acquiesce in a quasi slavery, that sets aside substantially all that it gained and established by the long war?
  • If we know anything, we know that there was at that time substantially the same difference between the Egyptian and the Negro as now.
  • On the other side, the Federalists were rapidly acquiring a state of mind substantially Tory in character.
  • The government of this little Savoyard state became substantially like that which existed among the Swiss cantons.
  • The story of Philip Hone's life is substantially the story of the town from 1780 till 1851.

Definition of Substantially

In a strong substantial manner; considerably. | To a great extent; in essence; essentially. | Without material qualifications.
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