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  • It is too subtle for me.
  • The subtle threat persisted.
  • The character of this innovation is subtle but distinct.
  • The changes of the heart are very subtle changes.
  • It smelt of something far more subtle than musk.
  • With cold, but subtle malignity.
  • Too sweet, too subtle for the ear of man!
  • They know not well the subtle ways I keep.
  • Who by too subtle Arguments Un Système soit combattu?
  • Joan was left with the subtle impression of having been warned.
  • For months of subtle preparation his promises were explicit.
  • I begin to divine a subtle method in your doctrine of health.
  • Would that I had the same subtle instinct when they wish to borrow money!
  • A subtle change was in Charlie Bryant's manner.

How To Use Subtle In A Sentence?

  • A score of vices that shun the policeman have nothing of its subtle wickedness.
  • What tongue did not hint at was conveyed by subtle gesture and a smile and flashing eyes.
  • The cargo had been well shipped by men skilled in the subtle art of contraband.
  • He hoped now that in some celestial hunting ground she had found an answer to that subtle need.
  • Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a weak point.
  • Some of these are easily enumerated, others more subtle make a part of unconscious history.
  • These lines become, owing to the folds of the fabric, curves of a subtle character.
  • With the subtle Greek sense of line and form, he united an entirely new motif.
  • A quiet spirit worketh whole years long; Time only makes the subtle ferment strong.
  • Golden-haired, gray-eyed, quick with sympathy, sweetly subtle and subtly sweet was Louise....
  • Some subtle fragrance from her seemed to be with him wherever he was, and whatever he might be doing.
  • His slow brain was groping for the subtle comprehension which he felt was needed for a full understanding.
  • Philosophy sneered at the wild delusion, but see how that same subtle and mysterious agency has been conquered?
  • Platonism, which offers delightful games for such subtle wit as his, he especially liked to play with.
  • What he does not like is a crowd that regards him as a subtle blend of incompetent idiot and malicious scoundrel, and says so very loud and clear.
  • All the elements whose aid man calls in, will sometimes become his masters, especially those of most subtle force.
  • He, sensitive like a bond slave to the moods of the master, was moved by the subtle relenting of her grace to an infinite tenderness.
  • As he grew older, perhaps he did not observe all his wonted discretion in the use of this subtle power, and somewhat presumed upon his own skill.
  • He conceives the idea of studying logic, in order, by mere subtle reasoning, to overcome and cheat his creditors.
  • Another subtle and deep influence was beginning to stir at this period, even in the remote wilds of Cornwall.
  • Our progress became monotonous, a succession of fruitless attempts to advance; hopeless, like wandering in a subtle maze.
  • Travers Nugent had been playing a deep and subtle part, and by some trick had prevailed on the girl to place herself in the power of her enemies.
  • His mind and voice had precisely the fluid quality of some clear subtle liquid; one felt it could flow round anything and overcome nothing.
  • In playing for points in the game of party advantage Evesham displayed at times a quite wicked unscrupulousness in the use of his subtle mind.
  • That House is, within itself, a much more subtle and artificial combination of parts and powers than people are generally aware of.
  • This is Dr. Maginn, the author of "Father Tom and the Pope," and many another racy, subtle jest.

Definition of Subtle

Hard to grasp; not obvious or easily understood; barely noticeable. | (of a thing) Cleverly contrived. | (of a person or animal) Cunning, skillful.
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