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How To Use Subtler In A Sentence?

  • Aurora was not always above promoting laughter by narratives no subtler than a poke in your ribs.
  • The subtler sex will not be long in noticing what has happened to this objectionable word.
  • Sounds and subtler factors disclosed in sense-awareness float in from the outside.
  • But the moderns have invented a much subtler and more poisonous kind of eulogy.
  • There are subtler means of pushing than amateur concerts and private theatricals.
  • These artificial limbs have become a yet subtler snare to me than even those they replaced.
  • I ventured boldly, knowing there was nothing to be gained by a subtler policy with him.
  • Whatever came between them, it would not be physical passion, but a far subtler thing.
  • To a subtler force, it will stream into new forms, expressive of the character of the mind.
  • But by that light I have been able to see, where subtler minds have been blind.
  • We have our botany; the Crioceris has hers, which is subtler in its appreciation of affinities.
  • And there is a subtler reason for taking the pair together and both close to Addison and Steele.
  • How else, indeed, can I truly render back to my readers the subtler aspects of its charm?
  • Thy emptiest solitude can bring Only a subtler questioning In thy divided heart.
  • A subtler man would have perceived that an added rigidity was not entirely the safeguard he needed now.
  • To paint as they did was an intoxication, subtler and stronger than a drug and more elating than young love.
  • And as it is here with an historic fact, so still more often will it happen with the subtler changes which words have undergone.
  • And the silence between them seemed gradually to grow into a pact, to become a subtler and more intimate element than speech.
  • And, with a subtler stroke of policy, he promised that those who went back should share in the rewards gained by their more constant brethren.
  • Where, however, one deals with a region of mixed nationality, there is need of a subtler system of adjustments.
  • There was a great deal more sex, in its subtler manifestations, in the old novels and plays, than in the new ones.
  • The young man's passion was putting forward a subtler argument than Cyrus could offer.
  • The translator of a poem has a much higher and subtler duty than just to take the words and through them attempt passively to render the page into his own language.
  • It is not a proven thing to me yet, but I think one gets more in a subtler way than I can name from living by it.
  • In panic, the dominance of the one emotion and its impulse is so complete as to allow no scope for any of the subtler modes of collective mental operation.
  • He was very fond of his sister, but it had always been rather a sore point with him to know that she had impressed everybody with the fact that she was much the cleverer and subtler of the two.
  • He knows that this distant fruit, which he perceives without the aid of the physical senses, is a subtler and a stronger food than any which appeals to them.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Subtler | Subtler Sentence

  • They are but subtler methods of emasculation.
  • Then there are subtler things to miss.
  • And there was another and a subtler influence.
  • Sometimes it is some surer and subtler means.
  • The pathos is of a subtler edge.
  • He worshipped a finer understanding and a subtler tact.
  • But now the Tempter assumes a subtler form.
  • So is your fleshly man handicapped against his subtler brother.
  • We can intellectually distinguish even subtler and subtler types of objects.
  • Machiavelli could not have devised a subtler stratagem than Gills.
  • It was free of the subtler emotions; frank merriment, no more, no less.
  • But there were subtler forces working to the girl's surrender.
  • The profit in it was a JOB, but much subtler than in the Pacific Railway.

Definition of Subtler

comparative form of subtle: more subtle
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