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  • They were all subtly alike, those eyes.
  • The boyish look had subtly taken possession of his face.
  • Brightly the mark glowed; subtly the eyes glowed.
  • But she, too, had changed, and as subtly as the season.
  • But the Pisan front is far more subtly proportioned.
  • Missy felt nonplussed, though subtly pleased, in a way.
  • More subtly the Moors created a heaven on earth.
  • A vague terror, maliciously born, subtly spread.
  • They subtly intimated that the doctor was marrying her for her money.
  • The vengeance he had so subtly planned had turned into retributive justice.
  • They are so unintelligent in some regions, so subtly wise in others.
  • In frank but subtly hostile curiosity their glances met and crossed.
  • But the comparison was subtly irritating, and after a time she turned from it.
  • She waved her hands with a gesture infinitely graceful, subtly alluring.
  • And, subtly interwoven, were the marks of her public life upon her.
  • The young Englishman looked fresh and fit and subtly triumphant.

How To Use Subtly In A Sentence?

  • Plainly this fellow lies, and he has come subtly with a tale to spy out our strength.
  • He saw the destroyer of their lives, a devil who had worked subtly for his despoilment.
  • Though she did not change her position in the chair, she appeared subtly active in every fibre.
  • Other considerations than any he might suggest, he subtly understood, held her attention.
  • The shanghaied man stood facing Schantze, with all the deference of a sailor, yet subtly defiant.
  • And remember, Monsieur le Prefet, how minutely and subtly the whole business was worked.
  • The phrase has a little sound that way, as H. subtly framed it, I confess!
  • It must be confessed that nothing in her surroundings spoke to her more loudly or more subtly than these things.
  • He had not sensed until now how subtly a secret anticipation that the facts might prove otherwise had buoyed him up.
  • Spantz's eyes flamed for an instant and then subtly resumed their most ingratiating twinkle.
  • I used to think she was merely an invention, he was so circumstantial in his subtly shaded allusions.
  • The ferment of spirit of whole populations will fight subtly and constantly against it, and all the world will sympathize.
  • If he has been burned in a theater, the grief of his male relatives is subtly tinged with excited delight.
  • Thus we are led to use tints which are subtly formed, and such as please by their newness and bewilder by the intricacy of formation.
  • The buzz of conversation among the spectators altered its tone subtly and took on a note of hostility as they entered and seated themselves.
  • When one throws off a subtly philosophic obiter dictum one looks to the discerning critic to supply the meaning.
  • The act must have been subtly suggested by the tincture of white blood in her veins, for it is not a redskin attitude.
  • For when he approached her, lured by the beacon, she retreated, subtly intervening between them that sense of distance.
  • Inch by inch the thing approached me; its stealthy, gliding motion reminding me of a tiger subtly and relentlessly stalking its prey.
  • Failure to obtain phenomena that could be verified might subtly awaken skepticism in the simple-hearted Hindus around her.
  • And, moreover, however highly artistic or however subtly metaphysical are our pleasures, they all depend on manual labour.
  • He is a mauve satin waistcoat, embroidered with a chaste design of anchors and forget-me-nots, subtly suggesting perennial fidelity.
  • The thoughtful watching that grows out of an understanding of our Lord's plans influences subtly and mightily one's whole life.
  • You allured my eye with loveliness, my ear with music; piqued curiosity, pampered pride, and subdued will by flatteries subtly administered.

Definition of Subtly

With subtleness, in a subtle manner. With cleverness rather than brute force.
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