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Definition of Suburb

A residential area located on the outskirts of a city or large town that usually includes businesses that cater to its residents; such as schools, grocery stores, shopping centers, restaurants, convenience stores, etc. | (by extension) The outer part; the environment. | (Australia, New Zealand) Any subdivision of a conurbation, not necessarily on the periphery.

How To Use Suburb In A Sentence?

  • We put up at a mean posada in the suburb for the purpose of refreshing our horses.
  • Perhaps in the city itself, it appeared; perhaps in some suburb toward the north.
  • The modern suburb was almost entirely destroyed by the overflowing of the Guadalquivir in 1876.
  • Felpham is now the eastern suburb of Bognor, and is linked to the town by a small bungalow colony.
  • This was about twelve miles from the Mina, and on the site of the annex or suburb of Surkelmittoo.
  • On the right is the village or suburb of St. Kilda, and still further round is Brighton.
  • Charles marched on Paris, which was opposed to him, and attacked the suburb of Saint Honore.
  • A short walk southwards brings us to West Tarring, which is practically a suburb of Worthing.
  • His home in the suburb was spacious and handsome and presided over by a handsome and socially successful wife.
  • The whole town and suburb had contributed to this rubbish-heap of furniture, and was seller and buyer at once.
  • The foul man-eating dogs slaughtered royal serfs and burnt two quarters of the suburb to the ground!
  • The whole place may be described as the summer suburb of the capital, and there is great going to and fro.
  • In the suburb close by about 3,000 more, all armed, so it was rather a ticklish bit of work.
  • It was not a suburb of the first rank, nor even perhaps of the second; but it suited his tastes and his present purposes.
  • We went out into the little garden which was beyond the walls and, leaning on the parapet, stretched our ears over the small suburb beneath.
  • Let a woman be never so intelligent and keenly wrought, a suburb will soon enfeeble her, and take the fine edge off her spirit.
  • He wandered from one suburb to another, till he was among people more villainous than himself, who bought his tobacco from him and sold him food.
  • We drove in carriages to the station, and travelled first class a few miles by rail to the suburb called Paradise.
  • Those who were not content with this arrangement, he ordered to go and dwell in the suburb of Alcudia, outside the walls.
  • We continued in this suburb three days, during the greatest part of which time I was stretched on the tester-bed.
  • The Moors who had retired to the suburb saw the procession pass, and thought that their lord had gone forth alive.
  • In the foreground is the wide expanse of fields in the valley bottom; then a suburb of the town enclosed between two arms of the Marne.
  • Paco is a suburb of Manila) that I decided to visit the place and ascertain the facts for myself.
  • He had a church built for this seminary, and also took possession of various places, particularly in a suburb of this city of Manila.
  • He was on the familiar way from the cool wrestling ground of the Academy and walking toward the city through the suburb of Ceramicus.
  • It was her fine, aquiline features and a royal condescension in manner that had won her the title of "Duchess" in this suburb of workmen.
  • The rise of this hill is such that the suburb of Saint-Etienne on the opposite bank seems to lie at the foot of the lower terrace.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Suburb | Suburb Sentence

  • Broadwater is now a suburb of Worthing.
  • Then duty sent him to a suburb not very far from Sawston.
  • Sixpenny soule, suburb sinner, i. xlvii.
  • The word comes from Fustat, a suburb of Cairo.
  • The suburb was now wrapped in a cloud, not of its own making.
  • The suburb is her cloister, and she the dedicated bride of littleness.
  • The population was almost seven thousand, and the suburb was being extended.
  • He was a father of a respectable family in the neighboring suburb of Chester.
  • Under the trees of Beaulieu he saw how far the suburb lay from the city.
  • The house had not been rebuilt; the whole suburb was, in fact, a desolation.
  • We were comfortably installed in the Hotel Moana, in the suburb of Waikiki.
  • As for Long Island, he visioned it as a seaside suburb of New York.
  • Wieden, a suburb of Vienna, on several occasions Beethoven's residence.

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