Succession In A Sentence

Definition of Succession

An act of following in sequence. | A sequence of things in order. | A passing of royal powers.

How To Use Succession In A Sentence?

  • There is no succession of ideas with Him.
  • From Him there flows out a succession of emanations.
  • But your succession I renounce this hour.
  • This is the succession of Pterodactyles in geological time.
  • The succession of Jellal-ed-deen was uncontested.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Succession | Succession Sentence

  • All in succession were pressed with enthusiasm.
  • It was a succession of disjointed happenings.
  • Most of the streams have a succession of dams.
  • A succession of dreams now occurs.
  • What evidence have we of the succession of such epochs?
  • It does so first in the succession of times.
  • Their succession never ceased.
  • First, there is the succession of men.
  • Our only measure of time is by the succession of ideas.
  • La succession royale est ouverte.
  • We had a long succession of wet days.
  • Finally a succession of waves tossed them and passed on.
  • The companies then moved in succession into the street.
  • The succession of streets we passed was endless.
  • Every succession of substances is finite in duration.
  • A succession of untoward accidents followed.
  • His visit here was marked by a succession of ovations.
  • Sometimes a succession of prayers filled the entire day.
  • This succession the admiral aptly called their birthright.
  • It was followed in quick succession by three others.
  • They followed the jailer along a succession of passages.
  • Let us take them in succession in seeking a reply.
  • Yet, what is all war but a succession of horrors?
  • For another succession of knocks fell on the panel.
  • Part of it seemed like a succession of small lakes.
  • Suddenly there was a succession of short, sharp barks.
  • A quick succession of shell-bursts attracted my attention.
  • In rapid succession came two shells from our guns.
  • Apostolic succession asserted as essential, 113.
  • All joy lies in a succession of sensations, they say.
  • A succession (series) of delays.
  • In bright succession raise, her ornament and guard!
  • In quick succession now, machine after machine appeared.
  • On compte une très longue succession de ces types.

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