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  • His successor is on his way here.
  • My successor has been chosen.
  • Art thou not my successor to these fair islands?
  • He will prove a worthy successor to his excellent uncle.
  • The fourth evangelist is the successor of Paul at Ephesus.
  • A successor like the Archangel Lucifer, perhaps.
  • The humane policy of his successor reduced the computation to seven pieces.
  • But his successor was playing at an introductory musicale....
  • His successor was a former French minister of foreign affairs.
  • The successor of 'quack and confidence Bickley' has a most unenviable task.
  • Kibei's presence, as the successor to Kwaiba's office, was required.
  • Rev. John Edwards immediately became his successor as a teacher.
  • His successor Svein (who was also named Magnus) died at Sudatorp.
  • On November 1, 1912, he became the successor of Rev. W. H. Carroll at Garvin.

How To Use Successor In A Sentence?

  • You are carefully to preserve the same and duly transmit it to your successor in office.
  • No doubt he was only a successor of the purveyor of discords who darkened my boyhood.
  • When he died, in 1840, he left to his successor a legacy of smothered popular discontent.
  • Twice did the latter afterwards collect an army to make war on the successor of the Prophet.
  • From his ablutions each arose, coated with mud, allowing the patient successor to take his turn.
  • During ten months the conclave were unable to agree on his successor among the Italian cardinals.
  • Ali at first refused obedience, but he finally acknowledged the successor of the Prophet.
  • The Fort is the successor of the feeble early posts set up by the pioneers of France.
  • Of Hegel, the successor in thought of Schelling, there is no call here to speak at all.
  • Page 192, "the lineal successor of the Repository association": 'successsor' in original.
  • Bohun died in March, 1621, and the Company named his successor as physician to the colony in July.
  • Now it is only just that you should prove your title to be his successor by performing some of them.
  • The library of Pergamos was founded by King Eumenes, and enlarged by his successor Attalus.
  • The successor to King Arthur has plenty of "Savoy Faire," and a good choice has been made.
  • Thus he educated a successor to each of the Christ, Saturn, Jupiter, etc., Initiates.
  • His successor was only twenty years old; he was sluggish in mind, vacillating in temper, and inexperienced in affairs.
  • Uckfield (43-1/2 m.) old church was pulled down in the early nineteenth century, and its successor is of no interest.
  • The desponding successor of the Gregorys and the Clements knew not where to look for aid in that crisis of peril and revolution.
  • The dethronement of Smith meant that there could be no successor to Smith, for there would be nothing to which to succeed.
  • Giuseppe Albani, an unworthy successor of the great collector, sold all but one in order to avoid the cost of their return transportation.
  • Certainly I could afford to do so small a favor for the man who has made it necessary for his successor to give up to me the city of Philadelphia.
  • I's mother, the daughter and nominally the successor of Isabella, and later of Ferdinand.
  • The increase of time only mellows your renown, and each year that passes and brings you no successor does but sharpen the keenness of our sense of loss.
  • However, no satisfactory successor was available, and Mr. Gerard is at least straightforward and does exactly what he is told.
  • However, they were all very civil, not too diffuse, and one had the impression that they would be just as civil to our successor and to his successor.
  • The persecution which he set on foot reached and slew Pope Fabian, and caused the election of a successor to be deferred for sixteen months.

Definition of Successor

A person or thing that immediately follows another in holding an office or title. | The next heir in order or succession. | A person who inherits a title or office.
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