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  • Whenever the enemy may attack them in force, they cannot be succored by either sea or land.
  • He succored the imperilled colonists with supplies, and offered to take them back to England.
  • More, I was going to refuse aid to a man who had succored me, had shown me genuine kindness.
  • She succored and concealed the soldiers whom wounds or fatigue had prevented from following the main body of troops.
  • Perhaps it does nightly, certainly it does daily and raw much raw sampling is not succored by the sun.
  • But he attained it with his mildness, the inoffensive method by which our religious succored the weakness of those Indians.
  • Though violent threats were held out against all who succored them, their parishioners seized opportunities of coming to visit them, and alleviate their miseries.
  • Willingly they succored her, and listened to her songs; but grave were their faces and heavy their hearts, for the rule of the invader bore heavily upon them.
  • If the queen had really been there, it was no longer a poor woman he had to deal with, but a princess succored by a queen, who bestowed her gifts in person.
  • That name tugged at her heart; this suddenly became one of those anguished moments when she yearned over him as over a beloved lost child, to be wept for, succored only through her efforts.

Definition of Succored

simple past tense and past participle of succor
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