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  • The first man succumbs to his power.
  • Influenza generally succumbs to this treatment in two or three days.
  • He succumbs to more temptations than woman, because more come his way.
  • The mind succumbs and is lost in horror in presence of a deed so damnable.
  • He was like the proverbial camel, which succumbs beneath the last straw.

How To Use Succumbs In A Sentence?

  • Obviously she is more dangerous than another individual who succumbs to a sudden temptation.
  • One step often leads to another until the girl succumbs to a life of prostitution.
  • I mean to run my man down till he succumbs to the pressure I will bring upon him, and confesses.
  • Merlin, however, succumbs to the silly Niniana, the personification of wanton desire.
  • In the Avesta Vistacpa conquers Arejatacpa; in Firdusi Arjasp finally succumbs in the conflict.
  • A significant indication of this is that there is no substance known which can counteract its effects; the system either succumbs or survives.
  • It rarely belongs to the same man to open and run a career, and usually the inventor succumbs under the weight of his own invention.
  • After the tumor stage is well established, the patient usually succumbs in from several months to one or two years.
  • He resists in the main, but succumbs in the point of accepting a magic preservative as a gift: and is discovered and lectured accordingly.
  • Mercury is by it congealed to the consistency of iron; even alcohol, that can brave the utmost Arctic cold, succumbs to it.
  • This complaint always succumbs to the treatment; and a cure effected by it leaves none of those lamentable consequences which attend the exhibition of drugs.
  • Administering drugs to the child is as good as murdering it, for the child with its delicate constitution, easily succumbs to their poisonous effects.
  • If he has actually stabbed himself, if he has resorted to suicide, then he is dead beyond a doubt: we have just seen how quickly he succumbs to his own venom.
  • He cannot be deceived and beguiled; the most secret wickedness is not hidden from him; the swiftest criminal does not escape from him, and the strongest succumbs to his anger.

Definition of Succumbs

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of succumb
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