Suddenly in a sentence

Definition of Suddenly

Happening quickly and with little or no warning; in a sudden manner.

How to use Suddenly in a Sentence?

  • He looked at his wife and quailed a little at the thought that had suddenly come upon him.
  • The flame of love went suddenly out in my bosom; or was extinguished by overwhelming shame.
  • I got into a small drift once, my pony flopping down suddenly till his girths were in the snow.
  • The resolution, thus suddenly aroused within me, heaved a load from off my heart.
  • And suddenly Hicks jerked up his knees and heaved himself bodily aside with a scream of fear.
  • The Prince was suddenly seized with a paroxysm of mirth, he could scarcely speak for laughing.
  • Here my days passed as in Paradise, until one year ago, when my loved parent suddenly disappeared.
  • I advanced secretly and without noise, until putting aside the vines, I stood suddenly before her.
  • The first guests came in a straggling fashion, and then suddenly everyone seemed to be rushing in at once.
  • He saw her suddenly all by herself coming towards him along the dimly lighted terrace, quite from a distance.
  • From this the banter turned as to what quarters each would find, on being thus suddenly billeted in so antiquated a mansion.
  • Clement looked about him in great perplexity, and suddenly perceived a man sitting on the rock which so precipitately overhung the path.
  • The demons grow in demoniacal qualities till suddenly you arrive again at the Buddha from whom you started.
  • And once he climbed the headland and appeared suddenly to those below, a white speck elevated in the blue, with a diminutive but statuesque effect.
  • Patricia demurred, feeling suddenly rather small and insignificant in her girlish white net frock among all the glittering costumes about her.
  • He was lying face downwards on the sand, with his arms flung out before him, when a low distant sound suddenly broke the stillness.
  • Like one suddenly bereft of all power of speech or motion I stared mutely at the black wall before me.
  • Before he had walked many yards, there appeared very suddenly from behind a bush the muffled up diminutive Spaniard.
  • He gripped the arms of the chair, his jaw fell, and the sweat broke out on his brow while his dry tongue clove suddenly to the roof of his mouth.
  • Then suddenly reminded, I turned, to see whether that noticeable personage had left the smaller counter.
  • Gazing with despairing expression down at the cot, she would suddenly throw a quick, startled glance at Davidson and then towards the other room.

Short Example Sentence for Suddenly

  • Elinor suddenly seemed enlightened.
  • She felt suddenly very lonely.
  • Have you suddenly become ambitious?
  • I feared to break in suddenly upon her.
  • He looked up suddenly from under his bushy eyebrows.
  • A glare suddenly illuminated the room.
  • He sat down suddenly as if on purpose to stare.
  • The forest suddenly teems with life.
  • The parents suddenly became silent.
  • It suddenly gave a dreadful cry and fell.
  • He woke suddenly with a strange sense of terror upon him.
  • He suddenly again addressed me in English.
  • The lout was suddenly struck by what I said.
  • Then he suddenly bent down and drew a rough circle on the sand.
  • Lumley suddenly turn his horse in a totally different direction.
  • Lumley glared at him for a moment, and then suddenly yielded.
  • He was suddenly surrounded by gentlemen, the members of the committee.
  • My spirit had been suddenly aroused, and was now all awake within me.
  • Sange Moarte gave a start, as if suddenly aroused out of a deep sleep.

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