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  • The Sudra is the servant of all the others.
  • They are well dressed, and therefore not Sudra.
  • Neither mendicancy, nor the life of a Sudra is what is proper for thee.
  • , O Sudra, all these questions of mine.

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  • The Sudra, however, is spoken of everywhere as a being whose degradation can never be removed, and to touch whom is to be defiled.
  • But there, O king, he was repulsed by a blind Sudra warder, and he remained at the door, grasped by the man.
  • On hearing from the Sudra of this great calamity, Bharadwaja, sorely afflicted with grief, began to lament, embracing his dead son.
  • And, finding Yavakri thus grasped by the Sudra, the demon hurled his spear at him, and thereupon he fell down dead, pierced in the heart.
  • The lowest is the child of a Brahmin mother and a Sudra father, though in Southern India the Pariah is still lower.
  • A dying man, when no hopes of his surviving remain, should be laid upon a bed of cusa grass, either in the house or out of it, if he be a Sudra, but in the open air, if he belong to another tribe.
  • But death by Rama's hand confers immortality on the Sudra, who appears as a celestial spirit, and thanks his benefactor for the glory and felicity thus obtained.
  • The Sudra said, "Thy son of little sense had gone to the sage Raivya, and therefore it is that he lieth prostrate (on the ground), having been slain by a powerful demon.
  • Evidently some national sin is the cause of such a calamity, and an aerial voice informs him that an awful crime is being perpetrated; for a Sudra, named Sambuka, is practising religious austerities, instead of confining himself to his proper vocation of waiting on the twice-born castes.
  • And marking this change in the Agnihotra, the great sage asked the blind Sudra warder seated there, saying, "Why is it, O Sudra, that the fires rejoice not at sight of me?
  • By reading this narrative the sonless obtains sons, the destitute obtains riches, a person of the royal order conquereth the whole earth, the Vaisya cometh by wealth, the Sudra obtaineth all his desires, and the Brahmana crosseth the ocean (of the world).
  • The Sudra--the Bourgeois of India--would no more think of giving the ballot to the fifty million Pariahs of the land than he would give it to his dog.
  • Disobedience to these taboos was punished with the terrible penalty of "outcasting," whereby the offender did not merely fall to a lower rank in the caste hierarchy but sank even below the Sudra and became a "Pariah," or man of no-caste, condemned to the most menial and revolting occupations, and with no rights which even the Sudra was bound to respect.
  • It is taught, as we have seen in the preceding extracts from the Menu, to the three first classes, that is, to the Brahman, or priesthood; to the Kshetriya, or soldier; and to the Vaisya, or merchant; but not to the Sudra, or labourer, nor to individuals of the three first named classes if rendered by vicious propensities unworthy of the 'second birth,' promised in the holiness of this mysterious regeneration.
  • For this purpose they prescribe females of various descriptions, particularly "a dancing girl, a female devotee, a harlot, a washerwoman, or barber's wife, a female of the Braminical or Sudra tribe, a flower girl, or a milk maid.
  • This also, O Bharata, the people are saying amongst themselves, _viz_., that as milk in a bag of dog's hide, as the Vedas in a Sudra, as truth in a robber, as strength in a woman, so is sovereignty in Duryodhana.
  • "Derived from their holy books is the allegorical idea that the Brahmin, or priest, was the mouth of the original man; the warrior his arms; the agriculturist his thighs; while the Sudra, or common people, sprang out of his feet.
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