Sufficient in a sentence

Definition of Sufficient

Equal to the end proposed; adequate to what is needed; enough | Possessing adequate talents or accomplishments; of competent power or ability; qualified; fit. | (archaic) Capable of meeting obligations; responsible.

How to use Sufficient in a Sentence?

  • It was no matter of regret to him that he had only a sufficient store for one meal.
  • Each one of these deeds is sufficient in itself to hurl you down from your presumptuous height.
  • But we cannot see any sufficient ground to support this oft-repeated assertion.
  • Now, is this a sufficient and satisfactory reply to the argument of the atheist?
  • Its constructional capacity is sufficient to build six dirigibles at any one time.
  • There is not sufficient root-hold for any idea to grow in him, it withers and dies.
  • Capacity of the works at end of 1912 was sufficient to turn out from 25 to 35 machines a year.
  • The fuel and oil capacity must be sufficient for at least four hours continuous flight.
  • No amount of influence brought to bear upon its feelings, may be sufficient to transform its will.
  • From the lack of sufficient and proper food, clothing, and exercise, the health of all suffered.
  • That calamity is a sufficient introduction to every roof, I trust, in a civilized country.
  • A few hundred men will be sufficient to keep Ali Pasha in check from this side.
  • Any power of doing or suffering in a degree however slight was held by us to be a sufficient definition of being?
  • The current which just gives a sufficient lighting of the signal may be about doubled with safety to the filament of the lamp.
  • The three respectable professions no longer offer sufficient inducement, and they crowd more and more into trade.
  • Obviously, the diversity of ecological niches in the rainforest is sufficient to support a variety of related species.
  • The supporting surfaces must be of sufficient size to insure safe gliding in case the engine stops.
  • And had he, by that time, acquired astuteness sufficient to cheat the other party to the contract of his due?
  • Neither party was a beggar; but neither was in possession of sufficient estate to render a speedy marriage advisable.
  • Bad example and evil training are sufficient to account for the bad courses of any family without impeaching their circulating fluids.
  • It is a maxim that punishment should be sufficient to accomplish the great end for which it is imposed, namely, the prevention of offences.
  • The bare fact that we will such and such a thing, without regard to how we come by the volition, is sufficient to render us accountable for it.
  • I mentally recorded that four-minute altitude, and resolved to see if any man there on that night stood in sufficient favor to achieve it.
  • My continued melancholy situation compels me, however, to write immediately what will bring me in sufficient money for present use.
  • There was always plenty, and I soon came to understand that the supply was going to remain sufficient for all my needs.
  • It was an indescribably gratifying sensation, all sufficient for the moment, to realize that Berlin at least was fading into oblivion.
  • Captain Griffiths has assured me that there is here in Dreymarsh something of sufficient importance to account for the presence of a foreign spy.
  • I have no wish whatever for the reward in question; to have done my duty is, I hope, a sufficient recompense for me.
  • As yet they had respected the possessions of the prince; but the idea of such dangerous spirits hovering about the neighbourhood was sufficient to occasion alarm.
  • The specter of dwindling manpower in both countries is of itself sufficient to cause them to gaze gratefully and longingly toward our untapped reservoir of human sinews.

Short Example Sentence for Sufficient

  • Is that sufficient for you?
  • All sufficient reasons.
  • Yet had no cause sufficient for reproof.
  • This reply is amply sufficient for such an objection.
  • Our little company will be sufficient for my purpose.
  • Two or three Passages only are sufficient to demonstrate this to be true.
  • Not even this Appear'd sufficient for reproof.
  • It seems, you have not had sufficient proof Of his assurance.
  • I made him just and right; Sufficient to have stood, though free to fall.
  • Is't not sufficient to have done your duty, Unless the world approves it?

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