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  • Rage caused the hot blood to suffuse the man's face.

How To Use Suffuse In A Sentence?

  • For by drudgery is meant those activities in which the interest in the outcome does not suffuse the means of getting the result.
  • Then the second he turned her way her eyes would drop and a dull red would suffuse her face and neck.
  • The next minute Gedge was looking in wonder at the peculiar rosy glow which suddenly began to suffuse the great mountain.
  • Upon strolling accidentally into one of these we felt a chill suffuse the whole system, like that realized on descending into a dark, undrained cellar.
  • She felt a tingling warmth suffuse her whole body; she felt the room about her quicken to new life; and above her head she knew the stars were shining again.
  • Her complexion was clear and pale, the blood which ran beneath it showing only under the stress of some emotion, when it would suffuse her whole face with waves of exquisite color.

Definition of Suffuse

Suffused; diffuse. | (transitive) To spread through or over something, especially as a liquid, colour or light; to bathe. | (transitive, figuratively) To spread through or over in the manner of a liquid.
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