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  • He broke off and gazed suggestively at the other.
  • He completed the sentence by suggestively crunching a nut.
  • And he glanced suggestively at Cynthia.
  • I have suggestively placed at p. 119 to Gael.
  • The effect was beautifully unique and suggestively semi-tropical.
  • A hollow splashing rose suggestively from far beneath the rock.
  • Her lips twitched again, the corners turning suggestively inward.
  • The member was near the gun butt, but not suggestively near.
  • I also bring in here, as much suggestively as determinately, the following.
  • His glance traveled suggestively to Harrigan's feet.

How To Use Suggestively In A Sentence?

  • He shrugged his shoulders suggestively in the starlight, and there was a smile on his face.
  • His visitor wistfully and somewhat suggestively eyed a chair, but made no move to be seated.
  • But instead of one character to suggestively set forth we have two, three, a dozen to present.
  • The chronicler inserts a phrase which connects his new paragraph very suggestively with the one that goes before.
  • Then he repeated the pantomime in which his tongue, the whites of his eyes, and the butt of his ear were so suggestively in evidence.
  • My grave was suggestively near the rubbish-heap, but he pointed out that it was because the lily-of-the-valley grew there.
  • Outside, the wind was blowing over a bed of new-sprung mint in the garden, and was suggestively fragrant.
  • Austin glanced suggestively towards the men, who stood with backs still bent with weariness, about the entrance to the forecastle.
  • Then young Esmond laughed in an unpleasant fashion as he drew the lash of his dog-whip suggestively through his hand.
  • Turcas and Bouchard exchanged a glance, which rose suggestively from the top of the head of the seated vice-chief of staff.
  • No theme recurs more insistently and suggestively in Popiana than Pope's wealth.
  • She fancied that he fumbled at his belt, after which there was a horrible gurgle, and he returned rubbing his fingers suggestively with a handful of snow.
  • One of the Indians drew a knife and held it suggestively against Brother Jacques's breast.
  • The next episode, although showing no very clear connection with the De Jardin mystery, is suggestively allocated with it as its sequel.
  • And presently, when she was summoned to supper, she felt no desire to talk; it was so pleasant just to listen to those phrases faintly and suggestively resounding.
  • The conditions and aptitudes of the Art are most suggestively discussed in the present volume by one who is not only an artist, but also a master craftsman.

Definition of Suggestively

In a suggestive manner.
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