Suites in a sentence

Definition of Suites

plural of suite

How to use Suites in a Sentence?

  • Three bedroom suites and a sideboard are among the unanticipated pledges of our affection.
  • Each carriage contained but two compartments; but they were suites of rooms on a small scale.
  • Ce jusqu'à la disparition du Calcre en 2004 des suites d'un procès initié par un ancien salarié.
  • Neither of them was content merely to place suites of pure hues on the canvas, as an end in themselves.
  • She'll forget when we start and want best suites of rooms with baths everywhere.
  • So he's had suites of rooms furnished for any white visitors who may chance to come his way.
  • As to the palaces and suites of fine apartments, many working people would not live in them if they could.
  • He was testing her rather highly, since the pianoforte score of the suites in question was by no means easy.
  • All the nobles of the council, and those whom the king wishes to have about his person, have suites of apartments in the palace.
  • The rooms on the second and third floors were arranged in suites of three: reception, sleeping and bath.
  • The adjoining suites into which Jacob and his companion were ushered surpassed anything they had seen in domestic architecture.
  • Or, if they could have afforded some of the flats or the sunny suites she discovered on pleasant streets, her search would have been soon over.
  • There were suites of most beautiful apartments, with polished floors, and painted walls, and furniture of the most curious and antique description.
  • Les deux Espagnols marquerent moins d'emportement dans les suites de cette action.
  • A common staircase conducted to several suites of apartments, tenanted by various occupants, and at the very summit dwelt this exalted personage.
  • He next drank several glasses of wine, when, taking courage, he left the hall, and crossed several suites of rooms most magnificently furnished.
  • They are let out in suites of rooms, and the occupants can either all feed together in the public dining-room or in lonely splendour in their own apartments.
  • The ladies who lived in those suites of apartments were more or less aristocratic, they were at least all well connected, and she and they might have much in common.
  • Then they ascended to the upper floors, and looked all through the handsome suites of private apartments, but still without discovering a trace of the missing bride.
  • If you will come with me, I will take you over one of the State Dwelling-houses, and show you one of the suites of rooms.
  • For surely now our household hearths are cold, Charwomen prowl thereby: our halls look strange, Our suites are swathed like ghosts.
  • Après vingt-cinq ans d'activité (1979-2004), le Calcre disparaît des suites d'un procès initié par un ancien salarié.
  • Après vingt-cinq ans d'activité (1979-2004), le Calcre disparaît des suites d'un procès initié par un ancien salarié.

Short Example Sentence for Suites

  • The first floor contained the two best suites of rooms.
  • How the gorgeous suites of salons laughed with the brilliant crowd!
  • Les suites de cet événement ne sauraient être encore prévues.
  • In the Norse sagas we find Valkyries in the suites of great kings.
  • La veuve C... est morte le 11 mai des suites de ses blessures.

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