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How To Use Sulk In A Sentence?

  • It was not written in the book of fate that he should complain and worry and sulk and suffer.
  • The husband was a taciturn man, and appeared to sulk under the scrutiny of the neighbourhood.
  • I've known him sulk in his gallop afore now because Billy Bluff wasn't up here to watch him.
  • And Boss Tolley, Tom Hicks, and them other highbinders can sulk in their dens and suck their paws.
  • If you are told that you must not go fishing, don't sulk around wishing that you could go.
  • Everyone else may sulk when a word of reproach is addressed to them, and may make the professors afraid to find fault with them.
  • Go and sulk at your club, dear, for an hour, and then you come back to lunch, and stop for tea and dinner if you like.
  • Gus, aged ten, who had been somewhat inclined to sulk when Sibyl appeared, now smiled, and pulled out a chair.
  • I retired to the smoking-room, to smoke and read in a corner, and to watch von Heumann, who very soon came to drink beer and to sulk in another.
  • Where every child should dance and sing, And always have a smiling face, And never sulk for anything.
  • Many women can sulk for days; most women can sulk for an hour; I believe that no provocation could have made Isola sulky for two minutes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Sulk | Sulk Sentence

  • But we did not sulk in our lodges.
  • Why does he so often sulk with his wife?
  • And never, never sulk at all.
  • No, they will sulk and make things wretched and hopeless.
  • The very children gloom and sulk if they are left with nothing to do.
  • And he resumes his seat to sulk until you give him another chance.
  • Florence is my chimney-corner, where I can sulk and be happy.
  • And always have a smiling face, And never sulk for anything.

Definition of Sulk

(intransitive) to express ill humor or offence by remaining sullenly silent or withdrawn. | A furrow.
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