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  • For the sultry breath of men?
  • The summer was more sultry than usual.
  • Like pigeons on a sultry afternoon.
  • And the noon will look on a sultry day.
  • It was a stifling, sultry day.
  • And they thought they smelled a rodent on the sultry desert air.
  • The sun sinks out of sight before the sultry atmosphere begins to cool.
  • He went to the window and gasped in the mists of the sultry air for breath.
  • I shall keep it as a cool recollection till sultry summers trouble me no more.
  • Through the open windows the heavy, sultry air floated in and out.
  • They entered an obscure alley where a fetid, sultry atmosphere assailed them.
  • It had been a close, sultry day, and it was a still more oppressive night.
  • The sudden cold had broken down into a sultry August atmosphere.
  • One hot and sultry June day, all the village turned out to the hay-fields.
  • One sultry afternoon I went into the restaurant and found Flora away.
  • And she, that gentle, loving fair, How brooks her form the sultry air?
  • At sultry noon, my Dearie, O. Lassie wi' the, &c.

How To Use Sultry In A Sentence?

  • They had been prostrated in the morning by the sultry oppression of the coming storm.
  • The air was still sultry in the extreme, and not a breath of wind was stirring.
  • About midnight the combination of sultry heat and banked clouds produced the usual results.
  • By degrees all these clouds flitted away, and the sultry summer sun burned on hill and valley.
  • The passion of hatred held something of love or at least a sultry need, a hunger not of the belly.
  • Had he dared to do so, the Caterpillar would have made things very sultry for him.
  • Had he dared to do so, the Caterpillar would have made things very sultry for him.
  • And on the sultry air The chestnuts spread their palms like holy men in prayer!
  • The walls glowed with the sultry scenes of Claude, and the luxuriant designs of Titian.
  • The following day was so sultry and warm, that I gave up all idea of a visit to Vaucluse.
  • I think I can relate nothing else of that softest month of summer, nor of sultry June.
  • This also served as a shade from the sun, for it was now about ten o'clock and a sultry day.
  • At first there had been a cold silence around us, but we infected it with our own sultry spirit and melted it.
  • George thought it was a sort of tune she was swinging, with all those colours round about her in the sultry summer day.
  • As the day was very hot and sultry he commanded his servants to pitch tents in the open field, and there await the cool of the evening.
  • The afternoon was still more close and sultry than the morning had been, and little Christie was very weary.
  • They have their origin in a sultry restlessness of the nerves, in the well-springs of fruitful impulse, in emotions and shadowy presentiments.
  • The tense, breathless seconds passed; they became minutes, but no second shot shattered the sultry silence.
  • The train sped over miles of brown and parched desert, studded with a growth of palms that rattled in the sultry wind like dried sunflower stalks.
  • In another hour, the sultry oppressiveness steadily increasing and the stark calm still continuing, the barometer had fallen to 29.70.
  • A little girl sat squeezed in between an old fat man and his old bony wife in a crowded hall on a sultry evening in October.
  • The next day, the first of my visit, was a very sultry one, and the rest of the party thought it was, no doubt, a very dull one.
  • In short, the world was not weary with a long, sultry day, but in a fresh, recruited state, fit to carry it through such a day.

Definition of Sultry

(weather) Hot and humid. [from late 16th c.] | (weather) Very hot and dry; torrid. | (figuratively) Sexually enthralling.
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