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  • No short summary can do justice to them all.
  • This is the summary of the opening chapter.
  • But to continue the summary of events.
  • Give the summary when digestion is most perfect.
  • This is the summary of the opening chapter.
  • This is the summary of the opening chapter.
  • Here then is a simple practical summary of the idea.
  • A fair summary of the matter is perhaps this.
  • We have cast a summary glance at its crimes.
  • I have seen no summary of results of this study.
  • A brief summary of each case was submitted to them.
  • He gives a summary under nine heads.
  • The summary of the seventy-four years is this.
  • His verbal summary was succinct and accurate.
  • Such summary justice strongly resembles injustice.
  • Bernthsen summary of nitro-benzenes, 133.
  • Charged with stealing a watch, unto summary grief.
  • There we have a summary sketch of the Eumenes.
  • This was the summary account that I had from them.
  • This was a summary of the Greek view as a whole.
  • But this is what I call a very summary proceeding.
  • They had him up the other day Before a summary court.
  • But I think you use rather summary measures.
  • The brief account I have given is a summary of his view.
  • I have thus, Sir, laid before you a summary of my views.
  • Final Summary of Monopoly Prices.
  • It is the crystallization and the summary of all that has been said before.
  • This time all the deaths were to be summary but there was no outcry.
  • This is the summary way you will have to follow on such occasions.
  • A Summary Restatement Chapter XX.
  • A word of warning should be added to this summary conclusion.
  • This summary indicates the relative importance of such factors.
  • The writer of the summary thus allowed himself some freedom.
  • At the end of the document is a brief summary of the above statistics.
  • We confess that the summary of metaphysics is rather concise.
  • This is a very brief and summary account of a great invention.
  • In the index and epitome is a convenient summary of dates and facts.
  • We may now notice in a brief summary the position which we have reached.

How To Use Summary In A Sentence?

  • It should be observed that the evidence in this summary is of a cumulative nature.
  • On all the points named in the above summary he supplies most important rectifications.

Definition of Summary

Concise, brief or presented in a condensed form | Performed speedily and without formal ceremony. | (law) Performed by cutting the procedures of a standard and fair trial.
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