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  • At the summit they paused again to rest.
  • To the summit climb elate.
  • We arrived at length at the summit of the mountain.
  • They came to the summit of the little rise.
  • The summit of the mountain is under two thousand feet.
  • This was to the summit of Cader Idris, sixteen miles off.
  • And yet can ne'er the summit gain!
  • Then at the very summit of his career he made his first fatal blunder.
  • He lifted his arm towards the summit and let it drop down again.
  • The summit of the pass is about seven thousand feet above sea-level.
  • The tree that crowned its summit stood outlined against the brightening sky.
  • For the cross o'er the moss of the pointed summit stood.
  • But, as that eventful summit was reached, what a view met our gaze!
  • Such a case occurred with a box situated on the summit of the Mendip Hills.
  • On Midsummer Eve the Druids lit a great fire on the summit of Tregoning Hill.

How To Use Summit In A Sentence?

  • The summit of the ridge was crossed and a number of camps appeared along the slope.
  • From its summit a splendid view of the city, the mountains, and the ocean may be obtained.
  • From the summit a fine view of Jerusalem and the surrounding country may be obtained.
  • Edinburgh Castle is an old fortification on the summit of a lofty hill overlooking the city.
  • A white, semi-transparent cloud floats across this rock, hiding all but its summit and its base.
  • I walked to Mount Arafat, to enjoy from its summit a more distinct view of the whole.
  • Behold me now at the summit of my ambition, "the high top-gallant of my joy," as Thomas says.
  • Rewa Gunga gained the summit and, dismounting, stood by King with the reins over his arm.
  • The summit of the rising ground over which they must come was not more than two hundred yards behind him.
  • He cleared the summit of the hills and could see far off the buildings and spires of the town he sought.
  • His castle proudly lifted its crenelated walls and pepper-pot roofs from the summit of a hill overlooking the town.
  • At last he came to quite a hill, on the summit of which grew a tree with branches close to the ground.
  • He stood at last with folded arms on the summit letting it sing past him, and gazing about him in vague delight.
  • The castle on the summit of the cliff was unstormed when he left, but its fall was inevitable unless help should speedily arrive.
  • This places your character as a citizen upon a summit as high as Washington's.
  • But, arrived at the summit of the hill, a hint came to the insurgents that cavalry lay in ambush on the other side to intercept their flight.
  • It is no common mountain, but an aristocrat among its kind, and in fine weather it wears a hat, for its summit is hidden in clouds.
  • When they reached the summit of the hill, they began calling at the tops of their voices, "Nance!
  • The school of Cecilia was not only at the summit of the hill, it was the only building on the summit; it was isolated, and in its isolation grand.
  • Our destination for the night was the village of Kharzan, which is situated near the summit of the mountain, about six thousand feet high.
  • On this summit there is a Druidical circle, of which the stones, themselves to ruin grown, are strange and death-like old.
  • Shane and Doreen arrived by-and-by at the summit of a hill-crest, from which the northern half of the promontory lay spread like a map before them.
  • We had checked our horses on the summit of the divide that ran down to Lost River on one side and on the other sloped away to the southeast.
  • In clear weather, the plains of Hungary as far as the Rez promontory may be seen from the summit of the mountains.
  • They sat down on the summit of the hill, and John put his arm round Jinny's waist.

Definition of Summit

(transitive, hiking, climbing, colloquial) To reach the summit of a mountain. | (countable) A peak; the topmost point or surface, as of a mountain. | (countable) A gathering or assembly of leaders.
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