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  • This hope was not a mere superficial sentiment.
  • He is a superficial German or a dull Frenchman.
  • This was true only in a superficial sense, and not in reality.
  • What we must say about a nation is a superficial dealing with symptoms.

How To Use Superficial In A Sentence?

  • As it was, he attended to his duties in the most perfunctory and superficial manner.
  • Situated on the north side of the river, they cover a superficial extent of about twenty acres.
  • It is no simple, no superficial thing, nor to be estimated by superficial understandings.
  • The inevitable effect, apart from the superficial defect, is incipient tackiness.
  • I have not forgotten that there are sublime considerations which limit the value of talent and superficial success.
  • Yet mere flippant excitement and superficial entertainment is nothing but a cheap counterfeit of what is needed.
  • Parents must be sure of the character as well as the superficial competency of those who come closest to childhood.
  • Thus we have entirely different groups of medical interests and it would be superficial to ignore the differences.
  • On the other hand, an immense amount of misinformation is circulated because of superficial observation.
  • That ordinary-looking safe would attract the attention of the most careless and superficial of burglars.
  • There had been no talk of love between them, and she had kept him at a distance with her air of distinction and superficial refinements.
  • He no longer felt that he could ultimately entrust her with the whole conduct of her own affairs after a superficial show of directing them.
  • These superficial changes covered an extreme inner loathing such as might follow the display of some hideous or indecent spectacle.
  • For a sort of superficial culture is a part of the modern inheritance, and seems to belong to the universal air.
  • Her innermost character, which he had heretofore only guessed at by superficial signs, was written plainly on her face.
  • One would rather submit the factor of adequate smoke-curing as the chief influence in the superficial preservation of smoked sheets.
  • Sheets should be prepared or cut to such length that they occupy the full superficial area of the box, either singly or side by side.
  • The divisions of the Hegelian logic bear a superficial resemblance to the divisions of the scholastic logic.
  • They are altogether superficial and local, not wide-spread marine beds in which a distinct order of superposition can be clearly traced.
  • A few estates employ tanks of such calculated dimensions as will yield uniform sheets which pack flat and fill the superficial area of the case.
  • All these superficial things faded into their proper background when, at last, his eyes looked full in her face.
  • It takes in too many views, it makes too many combinations, to be so much as comprehended by shallow and superficial understandings.
  • Meanwhile if there were fundamental anxieties to fret one's heart, there were superficial irritations that abraded one's nerves.
  • In this country, where school education is universal, we have a superficial culture, and a profusion of reading and writing and expression.
  • Fancy prices are paid for position, and for the culture of talent, but to the grand interests, superficial success is of no account.
  • Every strange appearance, every mysterious coincidence, that escaped the most superficial investigation, was forthwith called a ghost.
  • Nevertheless, beneath this superficial obedience, Mary knew that she was following her own thoughts unhindered.
  • The whole would not be 14,000 superficial feet; and above all, with so bad an access, they proposed to enlarge the present building.
  • Indeed, this point is hurried over by Edwards in a most hasty and superficial manner, in which he seems conscious of no little embarrassment.
  • She had loved a man who was unworthy; she had loved him for no better reason, she understood now, than a superficial charm, a romantic appeal.
  • In point of fact, the buyers are really obtaining a first-class article (except in superficial appearance) at a reduced price.
  • Vomiting, diarrhea, and especially constipation, often yield to slight suggestions, even in a superficial hypnotic state.
  • The college man who thinks sees truth deeply; war makes its primary appeal to the superficial love of glory, of pomp, and of circumstance.
  • One cannot be even the most superficial observer without seeing that certain forms show great likeness to each other while others are much more unlike.
  • And these circumstances we ascribe to a hasty and superficial visit to the British West-India colonies.
  • It attained its climax, perhaps in the Wolffian school in Germany, but it has been the resort of superficial psychology in all ages.

Definition of Superficial

Of or pertaining to the surface. | Being near the surface. | Shallow, lacking substance.
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