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  • The superintendent signified his assent.
  • Early the next day the superintendent called again.
  • The superintendent eyed him, but made no response.
  • The superintendent knocked at the door, and both entered.
  • Der Superintendent sah ihn streng an.
  • Dafuer wurde der Superintendent immer eingeladen.
  • The decision of Superintendent Jason.
  • Charles Millar was the first Superintendent of the road.
  • Jetzt sah der Superintendent wieder Fahrwasser.
  • Der Superintendent war ein geplagter Mann.
  • Der Superintendent war doch in einer gewissen Erregung.
  • Whig) Superintendent of Public Instruction.
  • Assistant Superintendent of the Army Aircraft Factory.
  • Her loyal superintendent rescues her when she is captured by bandits.
  • One of the English miners was made superintendent of the mine.
  • In 1834 the new series began, under a new superintendent (Lieut.
  • Der Superintendent hatte den Fremden zu einer Besprechung zu sich eingeladen.
  • Mat Gleason, superintendent of the Oro Ranch, loafed, his back against a post.
  • It won't surprise me a bit to see her county superintendent of schools.
  • Milton C. Cooper, Superintendent of District Nine, Philadelphia.

How To Use Superintendent In A Sentence?

  • I wirelessed the office and the pier superintendent and they have lost all trace of him.
  • Then the superintendent dealt with the matter as the cold discipline of police methods demanded.
  • Write to the superintendent of the nearest deaconess home, and ask for directions.
  • At last, on the morning of the fourth day, the superintendent again made his appearance.
  • Each Superintendent please acknowledge and advise all agents on your division by wire.
  • The General Superintendent was the big boss who moved the trains and moved them well.
  • You see, Father, I was your representative both as architect and superintendent of the building.
  • Mr. Moak, the Superintendent of the road at that time, was criticized for this expenditure.
  • Die Frau Superintendent hatte schon mehrmals merklich und merklicher an die Thuer geklopft.
  • It must have been a Sunday-school Superintendent who invented excursions to Fort Ty.
  • Well-known authority on aviation matters, and Superintendent of the Royal Aircraft Factory.
  • The trainmaster had broken in on the superintendent for a moment and the two were conferring in an undertone.
  • Permission for this use of the fund was obtained from the state superintendent of public instruction.
  • The superintendent had looked relieved when he heard that my stay in the mine was likely to be a short one.
  • They were running him down street to a telegraph pole when the assistant superintendent appeared in scant attire and stopped them.
  • Women are eligible to all school offices in the state, including those of county superintendent and school director.
  • When associated together in a home all the members of the home shall be subordinate to and directed by the superintendent placed in charge.
  • The superintendent seated himself with the manner of a man who has had a long and strenuous day, and forthwith began his story.
  • The superintendent of the Cleveland organization expressed himself as well satisfied with the work of the visiting housekeepers.
  • The superintendent gave a slight bend forward, as much as to say that this introduction to the subject in hand was a matter of course.

Definition of Superintendent

Overseeing; superintending. | A person who is authorized to supervise, direct or administer something. | (Commonwealth of Nations) A police rank used in Commonwealth countries, ranking above chief inspector, and below chief superintendent.
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