Supervisory In A Sentence

Definition of Supervisory

Of, pertaining to, or in the capacity of a supervisor

How To Use Supervisory In A Sentence?

  • The supervisory staff has been doubled or trebled, and they must do something to justify their existence.
  • Now and then both turned a supervisory glance at the sorghum mill down the slope at some little distance, and close to the river.
  • The fact of their being placed in a supervisory position and of being exempt from manual work induces them to have a higher opinion of themselves than the actual circumstances warrant.
  • The supervisory and planning activities may, for purposes of differentiation from the specialties noted above, be properly described as general functions.
  • Of late years a sort of supervisory control over scientific news of all kinds had been accorded to them, and they appreciated the fact that a duty now rested upon their shoulders.

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