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  • Eat your suppers when you prefer.
  • Others ate their suppers from baskets.
  • They had given dinners and suppers and balls and picnics.
  • The city, you know, and these suppers and things.
  • Near Philadelphia catfish suppers were popular.
  • The venerable Pater Patratus, too, what suppers he gave!
  • What capital suppers and things we'll have there!
  • Carpet-dances and champagneless suppers are typical of this circle.
  • Eat light suppers and refrain from eating late in the evening.
  • I suppose you count a few motor rides and a few suppers on the side nothing.
  • After that there are the night suppers which flourish till two or half past.
  • Avoid highly seasoned food, rich gravies, late suppers and the like.
  • Twenty-six to-day, and I always eat two suppers on my birthdays....

How To Use Suppers In A Sentence?

  • We were not provided with luxurious quarters or with suppers of this kind there.
  • The darkies had suppers in their own quarters and had much merrymaking and laughter.
  • Her daughter was not permitted to eat after-the-theatre suppers in restaurants.
  • Brockton was as fond of champagne suppers as anyone, but he was not getting any younger.
  • Dainty suppers alternated with delicate luncheons, and invitation upon invitation.
  • The girls decided to take a swim late in the evening after their suppers had been well digested.
  • I recall that our Sunday night suppers were always cornmeal with milk and brown sugar.
  • The nights and suppers of the gods became, in his own phrase, suppers of Damocles.
  • And after we had eaten our suppers we would talk about what kind of house we would build when our ship came in.
  • The building was closed during the day, but beer was sent out both for dinners and suppers to those who required it.
  • We are all princes or poets, he exclaimed jubilantly on the occasion of one of those nights and suppers of the gods.
  • Ethel treated him so well he was glad to spend all his spare money on her, at theatres, suppers and so on.
  • Yet at these same suppers he ate and drank almost nothing, though he furnished the hilarity for the whole party.
  • The tired men sat in the smoke at the fires and ate their suppers round which black flies and mosquitoes hovered.
  • Meals were irregular and protracted, and there were midnight chafing-dish suppers and bursts of laughter at the most inappropriate hours.
  • And this reminds us all that our suppers are near, and we finish the evening's walk quite briskly.
  • All the front parlors and front bedrooms had been let at fat prices, and suppers were spread in them for the edification of their tenants.
  • When they have had their suppers and begin to feel the keen night air, the next thing is to return to the shelter of the house.
  • Big fires were made, and after we had our suppers and a pull at the pipe, we rolled ourselves up in our blankets and went to sleep.
  • On some stages where the provisions are more elaborate, the actors in certain plays make a regular practise of eating their suppers on the stage.
  • As they were all hungry, the stag he had killed was not too large to furnish their suppers that night, and their breakfasts next morning.
  • This day of plenty came in cheerful contrast to the cheerless nights with scanty suppers following the weary days of plodding that had preceded.
  • Exercise fatigued him; suppers and even dinners made him ill; women annoyed him as much as they had formerly amused him.
  • Never a suggestion as to suppers of pickles and pound-cake, never a hint about midnight dancing and hurried day-time ways.
  • He has his little suppers at Moreau's, and knows the ways of the place and names of the waiters.
  • There was the talk of chores to be done, suppers to get, and with the breaking up, must come an end to her share in the party.
  • Mrs. Brown was an old hand at picnic suppers and knew exactly what to put in and how to pack the baskets in the most appetizing way.

Definition of Suppers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of supper | plural of supper
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