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  • Saltatory appendage with a supplementary segment.
  • Third edition, with Supplementary List.
  • With Notes and a Supplementary Chapter.
  • Revised Edition, with Supplementary Chapters.
  • The successful supplementary candidates are ascertained in the same way.
  • I have designed this book not as a guide, but as supplementary to a guide.
  • In this way, with delays and supplementary investigation, four months elapsed.
  • This supplementary line was put into operation August 1, 1851.
  • In less than two minutes the cradle's supplementary movement ceased.

How To Use Supplementary In A Sentence?

  • The same regulations shall serve for supplementary elections as for general elections.
  • He proceeded at once to his supplementary firebrands, in the larger spread of the gallery.
  • If you measure to the end of the hair, let this be a supplementary measurement.
  • All day and all night the stove was redhot, while a supplementary fire blazed outside the shanty.
  • Outside of this a sort of supplementary chamber, ten feet square, was boarded up from the ground.
  • They are to be supplementary to the Trade Unions, and are not intended to supplant them.
  • In that case, I send in my supplementary material, a full account of the whole affair.
  • There are people for whom travel provides nothing but supplementary evidence in a cause that has already been judged.
  • Intermediate and advanced tests; supplementary directions for use with separate answer sheets.
  • But the general law of nations must only be invoked as supplementary to the special law recognised by the convention.
  • The general and particular results of my study will be found explained and carefully detailed in the supplementary part of the volume.
  • The general and particular results of our study will be found explained and carefully detailed in the supplementary part of the volume.
  • The enclosure formerly used for the sheep had been well bushed up, and was now available as a supplementary cattle enclosure.
  • A wound for them, who can bear a little suffering, means an unexpected holiday and supplementary permission.
  • The supplementary emoluments, in view of the damage to his trade, were dem'd low.
  • Nearly every branch taught in the schools may be lightened and made more interesting by supplementary information gained from a good library.
  • Some supplementary sound followed most of the reports, as the receding swish of a shattered breaker follows the first crash.
  • Here, accordingly, memory and imagination came in as supplementary to satisfy the demand made by the acoustic image.
  • And even when a supplementary sheet is issued, the whole goes as one newspaper, covered by one stamp.
  • Sorry to trouble you again, your Majesty, but there are just a few supplementary matters that require settlement.
  • A supplementary vote was awarded to every married man who had attained the age of thirty-five years and paid five francs in taxes on his dwelling.
  • Also that his Memoirs would be composed of six volumes in octavo with a seventh supplementary volume containing codicils.
  • That which was revealed was the supplementary information which the Southern Pacific furnishes to its patrons.
  • Latin, too, must be either reduced to the position of a study supplementary to the native tongue, or brought up to an honest level of efficiency.
  • Thus the revolutionary Council system now seems established as a secondary representative institution supplementary to Parliament.
  • It was not so much this proffer of indemnity as a supplementary threat from the window across the way which decided Keekie Joe.
  • Nether Stowey is completely identified by its name; the statement about Coleridge is therefore supplementary and parenthetic.
  • Their best chance comes during the first hour of the sitting, and their most useful weapon is the Supplementary Question.
  • If there are none, supplementary elections shall take place in the first half of the next following month of May. 20.
  • The elector can indicate a preference for one of the supplementary candidates, or he can indicate preferences for an effective and also for a supplementary candidate.
  • I laughed at the queer inconsequence of all this, and thought it fit for Sinbad the Sailor or other of the supplementary Nights.

Definition of Supplementary

Additional; added to supply what is wanted. | Something additional; an extra.
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