Suppliant in a sentence

Definition of Suppliant

Entreating with humility. | Supplying; auxiliary. | One who pleads or requests earnestly.

Short Example Sentence for Suppliant

  • 1. Take from it every suppliant bough.
  • 2. I adjure thee with suppliant paw.
  • 3. All here with suppliant hands importune thee.
  • 4. This was no suppliant cry of one afraid to drown!
  • 5. What countryman, and wherefore suppliant there?
  • 6. She went on in a tender, suppliant manner.
  • 7. Nor to a suppliant heart deny Thy mediative power.
  • 8. O God, Thy suppliant moaning!
  • 9. Without response the suppliant of Heaven! ANT.
  • 10. It stands almost as a suppliant for the alms of approval of other races.
  • 11. Henceforward may every suppliant be denied what he entreats, as I have been!
  • 12. Methinks it were not as a Suppliant that I should stoop to pick it up.
  • 13. Between them, like a suppliant cast from black iron, was Yuruk.
  • 14. Or that, a suppliant of the sky, He begged the gods to keep or give?

How to use Suppliant in a Sentence?

  • 1. When pity drops from the eyes of our judge, then should the suppliant approach.
  • 2. To greet the sage the reverent crowd Raised suppliant hands and humbly bowed.
  • 3. The world had seen the Emperor a suppliant waiting in the snow, and could not forget it.
  • 4. Rosemonde, la suppliant de ne pas nous causer une peur mortelle, et de sortir de sa cachette.
  • 5. He scorns the meek address, the suppliant strain; With merit needless, and without it vain.
  • 6. Thy duty bids thee, King, defend The suffering guest, the suppliant friend.
  • 7. By thy worth I pray thee Give the suppliant help in need, Heaven will sure repay thee.
  • 8. Had not the former been a beggarly suppliant at his father's gates, as dauphin?
  • 9. No image: only a few rough votive tablets set up by a grateful suppliant for some mercy from the awful goddesses.
  • 10. It is nothing to you to have tamed the pride of such a woman as I, and to have stretched me a suppliant at your feet?
  • 11. The king referred the suppliant to his ministers, who never dreamt of recalling their decision, and the good work proceeded.
  • 12. It was no longer the medicine-man, but the priest of the Semitic deity, who recited the incantation for the suppliant and the sufferer.
  • 13. As he neared Bolaroz and the Princess he collapsed and became a trembling, moaning suppliant for mercy.
  • 14. And in answer the gate which is the way thither, according to the understanding of each, had opened and taken the suppliant in and closed behind her.
  • 15. Goddess, I beseech thee; I pray thee as a suppliant that by thy majesty thou grant this to me.
  • 16. She stood looking out of the window for a moment, writhing with humiliation at having to be suppliant to the Member of the British Empire.
  • 17. These well-born and respectable young men be suppliant before your eyes and, what ought to move you more strongly still, were once bound to you by the ties of friendship.
  • 18. It was only necessary for the awaiting suppliant to note his place between those already there and those who came in after him; and Wade was prompt to accept his turn.
  • 19. If this sacrifice had been made in vain, he would not answer, but only that the suppliant might be converted into the sovereign and the monarch might not avenge his injured dignity on his rebellious subject.