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  • Nothing here supports the latter view.
  • The stem is the stalk that supports the cap.
  • The Government Ultimately supports the Frontiersmen.
  • The sentiment for the part supports the sentiment for the whole.
  • Ramman stands upon the mountain which supports the heaven.
  • The underlying substratum which supports the qualities cannot be perceived.
  • Like oxygen, it supports the combustion of some inflammable substances.
  • A living aspen grows in the centre, and supports the ceiling.
  • It supports the weight of the head, trunk, and upper extremities.
  • Bridge is a fine game, and what, think you, supports the evening newspapers?
  • And now a woman's gentle head Supports the mightiest crown on earth.

How To Use Supports The In A Sentence?

  • These are important items in the list of evidence which supports the functional theory.
  • A group of collateral interests supports the enterprise and yields valuable results.
  • The intermediate brick cone which supports the lantern and its accessories of 700 tons weight.
  • From the ground to the summit of the cube which supports the architrave, they are 70 feet high.
  • From the center of the leaves a very strong stalk rises up, which supports the cluster of bananas.
  • This rail supports the light wire springs which assist the hammers in returning to rest position.
  • A blind labourer, very frail, with a wife, who supports the family and four children.
  • An enormous fringed baldrick, tied by a military scarf, supports the diminutive dress sword.
  • His neck, never long, is well formed and strong and supports the head in erect position.
  • Aristotle thus supports the institution of family, not on sentimental, but upon philosophic grounds.
  • This situation seemingly supports the thesis that clines are maintained by some sort of parallel gradient in ecological or geological conditions.
  • This quotation, separated from its circumstances and the immediate sequel, strongly supports the contention.
  • In birds the ulna supports the great feathers of the wing, and this may account for the size of the bone.
  • Therefore, voting affords no legal evidence that any particular individual supports the Constitution.
  • The thorax which supports the cirri is also unusually small, plainly articulated, and separated from the prosoma by a deep fold.
  • This particular piece supports the fore-deck, and also carries the main-deck, as well as bracing the boat together.
  • For supports, the platinum wire may be used, but the hook must be smaller than when borax is used, or the bead will not adhere.
  • The gentleman is dressed in black satin: in one hand he holds his large-brimmed hat; the other supports the right arm of the lady.
  • Ceaseless toil Must be the lot of him who with his hands Supports the canopy that shields his subjects.
  • Ceaseless toil Must be the lot of him who with his hands Supports the canopy that shields his subjects.
  • It is a mistake to refer the answer directly to God, as it would be to say he supports the world in space by his extended arm.
  • The payment of taxes, being compulsory, of course furnishes no evidence that any one voluntarily supports the Constitution.
  • Each course is formed of two castings, except the upper one, a single block, which weighs 120 tons and supports the anvil.
  • If we consider Him in his omnipresence; his being passes through, actuates, and supports the whole frame of nature.
  • The stumbling beast supports the load, While trickling whey bedews the road Along the dusty glade.
  • The mule, which more easily supports the difficulties of a severe journey on the sparest food, is, in Peru, the camel of the desert.
  • It encourages to the practice of virtue; it supports the unfortunate under the stroke of affliction; and consoles the believer in the hour of adversity.
  • Most of our western states have immense areas of forested grant lands, the sale of timber from which supports the public schools and other state institutions.
  • Side by side in the wilderness, our forefathers planted the church and the school; and on these two supports the nation has stood firm and grown great.
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