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How To Use Supposition In A Sentence?

  • But this supposition did not in the least explain the other physical disturbances.
  • It was obvious that objections to the supposition were springing up in his mind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Supposition | Supposition Sentence

  • Such a supposition is absurd.
  • Nor was the supposition wrong.
  • This very supposition is impious.
  • The supposition is most obvious.
  • Any other supposition was incredible.
  • Your supposition is perfectly correct.
  • The mere supposition will kill me!
  • That supposition had crossed my mind more than once.
  • Ma supposition etait stupide.
  • This supposition is most consonant with probability.
  • The supposition made her shiver.
  • This supposition is extremely doubtful.
  • The supposition would not have been unreasonable.
  • This latter supposition is not very improbable.
  • The supposition may be correct.
  • His supposition proved correct.
  • The second supposition is more likely.
  • And yet the supposition would be wrong.
  • The former supposition seemed the more likely.
  • But this extreme supposition may be exaggerated.
  • But this supposition is really without any basis.
  • Or supposition is, he comes for you.
  • But this supposition would be entirely erroneous.
  • The which, supposition flattered him.
  • But a supposition founded on pretty close observation.
  • Let us confess the supposition to be somewhat fanciful.
  • Probably the latter supposition comes nearest the truth.
  • This supposition proved, however to be erroneous.
  • At least that is the supposition in Chicago.
  • Ou bien, supposition plus gratuite et plus folle encore!
  • A supposition may refer to present, past, or future time.
  • The supposition of an absolute loneliness was most possible.
  • I think the most reasonable supposition is that it is an iceberg.
  • The supposition of an indefinite prolongation of the war is denied.
  • The supposition is clearly self-contradictory and impossible.
  • This is on the supposition that all the business is to come from one place.
  • Such a supposition seems to me in the highest degree improbable.
  • Ned's supposition was probably correct.

Definition of Supposition

Something that is supposed; an assumption made to account for known facts, conjecture. | The act or an instance of supposing.
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