Suppressed in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Suppressed

1. She was in a state of suppressed excitement. 🔊

2. This correspondence was suppressed for twenty years. 🔊

3. Tharsos was speaking with deep but suppressed feeling. 🔊

4. A suppressed yell of pain came from the other side. 🔊

5. Loraine suppressed the scream that rose to her white lips. 🔊

6. He suppressed partly the great satisfaction he felt. 🔊

7. The suppressed faction, though suppressed, exists. 🔊

8. Mr. Vawdrey indulged in a suppressed yawn. 🔊

9. Perhaps there is a premise suppressed or overlooked somewhere. 🔊

10. Dicksie caught her favorite up by the legs and suppressed a cry. 🔊

11. Charlie's deep voice was full of suppressed fury. 🔊

12. As the girl glanced up at him, his face was full of suppressed feeling. 🔊

13. A low, suppressed groan called him back to the side of the wounded man. 🔊

14. Every point brought a suppressed exclamation from Whispering Smith. 🔊

15. The truth is, Miss Sen was almost hysterical with suppressed excitement. 🔊

How to use Suppressed in Sentences?

1. His face turned a little paler than before, and his lips quivered with suppressed emotion. 🔊

2. I suppressed a groan and said to myself that I must really get away from there. 🔊

3. He received her with a manner full of some suppressed excitement which quickly communicated itself to her. 🔊

4. Quimby suppressed a groan, and hastened to assure her that he himself possessed a great passion for sweetmeats. 🔊

5. Exclamations of surprise were uttered in suppressed tones, and unqualified praises were whispered everywhere. 🔊