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  • I am sure your daughter will recognize you.
  • Be sure your cooking fire is not too big.
  • I am sure your letters helped with my cure.
  • Be sure your husband is getting enough exercise.
  • I am sure your poor father never expected this.
  • I am sure your father said so, though.
  • Be sure your bowels move regularly, at least once a day.
  • I am sure, Your Honour, that no affront was intended.
  • I'm sure your lordship has silver.
  • Be sure your husband's friends are your friends.
  • I'm sure your walk has done you good.
  • Cecily, are you sure your feet ain't damp?
  • I'm sure your mother's ways are those of pleasantness and peace.
  • Come inside at once, you naughty children; I am sure your feet are damp.
  • I felt sure your Highness would prefer this place to the Tournebride.
  • I am sure your suspicions of her are as groundless as my sister's of me.
  • I'm sure your restlessness is due to your not taking regular exercise.
  • Are you sure your uncle never sent you his wife's photograph?
  • You are so bright and cheerful, though I'm sure your fingers must ache.
  • Sure your gun is loose
  • You're sure your car is at the side entrance--not out in front?
  • Sure your dog for you could die with no truer heart than I,
  • The more grow sure your planet, Child, was Mars.

How To Use Sure Your In A Sentence?

  • Could you have seen the boat leave the ship, I am sure your heart would have sunk within you.
  • And with your likeness to the gods, poor fool, Ere long be sure your poor sick heart will quake!
  • I am sure your life has many fine passages well worth recording, and to me they are always precious.
  • The window was large enough for both of you; and, I am sure, your denial must have rendered you very uncomfortable.
  • After practicing this until you are sure your ear has become accustomed to the beats and will recognize them again, you may proceed to perfect the unison.
  • I am sure your heart is too much in your duty (if it were nothing else) to have forgotten Grey Eyes.
  • I am sure your peace of mind will be secured when you know that the present enjoyments of your mother can, under no circumstances, ever be decreased.
  • I am sure your usual humanity will prompt you, to grant it to one who has, at present, no friend to resort to for counsel but yourself.
  • The Queen, the Countess Kolowrath, the King, Guarini, you, I, and to be sure, your wife.
  • I'm sure your eyes must perceive you, for I'll give my corporal oath he an't in the East-Indies.
  • I cannot repeat half the ridiculous things they said, but I am sure your ears must have burned from the compliments they paid you, at least those who have had the good-luck to catch a glimpse of your face.
  • If there is a lot of blank space that you "don't know how to fill," be sure your design has been too narrowly and frugally conceived.
  • Yet there are beauties which attract all hearts, And all mankind lies open to their darts; Whose sovereignty, without dispute, we grant; Such graces, sure, your empress does not want.
  • Ah, my brave Vitellius, I am never sure your stringers May not string you other singers, May not tire of lark and wren And attempt to sell you men.
  • I'm sure your mother thought two frocks ample for a sixteen-year-old, and I expect you have worn them so often already that you never want to see them again.
  • I do not think the readers of Mivart could ever read it in that form, and I am sure your own answer to Mivart's arguments will be so much more clear and to the point, that the other will be unnecessary.
  • I am sure your mother was my dear elder sister; and there is so much in you like her--little ways of looking and speaking, little gestures--oh!
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