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  • Till it was surer that no one was near.
  • In the voice he had found a surer guarantee.
  • I tried another and surer course.
  • She felt surer and surer that he did so wish.
  • There can be no surer proof that the principle itself is false.
  • There is no surer way of feeling the pressure of present economic conditions.
  • Fortunately for himself, his fame rests upon surer foundations.
  • He gave--what surer giver can be shown?
  • He could have found no surer way of appealing to Jacqueline's tenderness.

How To Use Surer In A Sentence?

  • As for the children themselves, he knew no surer way to their advancement and happiness.
  • Perhaps they found they could throw with a surer aim when the barbs were on only one side.
  • She felt strangely surer of herself; the actual presence of the danger calmed her.
  • But at least he could guide through this maze of perplexity till some surer place was reached.
  • If we turn to language, a surer guide perhaps than physiology, we are again completely baffled.
  • Perhaps you can use against me certain documents, but I am on a surer footing than once.
  • That the spirits do not go far, and that they love us still, has grown to me surer and surer.
  • At last, after the days of uncertainty and wavering rumour, came surer tidings of battles.
  • If there were not such a creature, there ought to be, and Elias became daily surer that there was.
  • Like to a ship that storms urge on its course, By its own trials our soul is surer made.
  • Can hope and fear at once the soul possess, Or hope subsist with surer cause of fear?
  • Twas formost still, and surer of his sent, Then any one in all the crie besides.
  • And I think altogether that his is a better, a safer, and a surer recipe than most others.
  • Jo stopped here in his meditations, because he would like to have been a little surer that she would not.
  • When an American woman of to-day says, "I have all the rights I want," is she on any surer ground?
  • She still had faith that the longer they camped in one spot the surer would be the pursuers to stumble upon them.
  • He was prophesying, and it seems to me that no shrewder and surer forecasting has been done in this country for a good many years.
  • The more he urged a general acceptance of the principles of his autocratic constitution, the surer were his followers that he coveted royal honors.
  • Her lips were slightly cracked, and cold-cream seemed only to provide a surer resting place for the impalpable dust.
  • No father, who wishes to have his daughters grow up to be healthful women, can take a surer method to secure this end.
  • No harm can be done by it, as the patient produces comparatively little heat, and the longer the pack the surer it will be to bring out the pocks.
  • There is no surer sign of birds, but it takes close hunting to find them, for they dare not move about while their savage enemy is on the watch.
  • English verse is smoother, more matured and, molded by centuries of literature, richer in associations and surer in artistry.
  • In consequence, success would be slow, less brilliant, but surer than that ordinarily obtained by separate missions.
  • To make surer of the result, I chose the lactic microbe, which is the strongest as an acid producer.
  • We are not on much surer ground when we come to ask whether the angels and demons of Judaism are connected with those of Persia.
  • The finished work of redemption opened for us a truer rest and a surer entrance into the Holiness of God.
  • And the more Nelly thought about it, the surer she felt that Rob was going to get into trouble before the thing was done with.
  • There could have been no surer proof of his growing power of concentration than that he kept a firm grasp on his academy work during these trying days.
  • To make still surer that all was ready, the Indian shook the priming out of the pan of his gun, wiped it, and re-primed.
  • But nothing in history can be surer than that this ultimate judgment upon evil does not necessarily involve the defeat of all unjustified military undertakings.

Definition of Surer

comparative form of sure: more sure
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