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  • Shame and mortification surged within him.
  • Then a storm of real anger surged through her.
  • The old dreams surged up into his brain.
  • Instantly the crowd surged in the direction of the shot.
  • The blood surged back and forth in his veins.
  • A warm feeling suddenly surged to her heart.
  • They eddied, surged and swirled about me.
  • The cruel, hungry waters then surged over him.
  • The senior day-room surged round the holder of the paper.
  • Again memory surged back, but without its former pang.
  • A wave of the most terrific, the most ungovernable fury surged through me.
  • Nettle bit her ripe red lip to keep back the retort that surged up.
  • Anger and wonder, reverence and joy and confusion surged through the crowd.
  • A wave of pity surged through Corinna's heart.
  • The Prince bowed his head an instant, while the flight surged round him.

How To Use Surged In A Sentence?

  • Suddenly the longing for her own that she was beginning to control surged to her lips.
  • All the anger and chagrin which he had concealed so well in their presence surged up.
  • But he did not see his father, and some small measure of thankfulness surged into his heart.
  • Only one thought surged through his mind, and that was the awful necessity for haste.
  • The blood surged hotly to her face, and the beating of her heart made her hands unsteady.
  • The mobs finally surged to the jail, but were firmly met by a strong armed guard and fell back.
  • And how the silence surged softly backward, When the plunging hoofs were gone.
  • Slowly, though I fought it back, a red wave of confusion surged over my face and neck.
  • As I did, the airlock opened, the crowd surged toward it, and she was carried along.
  • Britannia will continue to rule the waves mainly because she was calm when they surged about her most angrily.
  • What wonder that a mighty flood of anger surged up in his soul, and for the moment overwhelmed him.
  • But as she raised her head and saw the eyes of the men upon her a rich color surged into her cheeks.
  • Twice the loop circled over her head before she flipped it out straight and true toward the frantic sorrel as he surged by.
  • In a minute they were a roaring tide that swept forward to the foot of the hills and surged upward without a check.
  • Each side did its best to force the other off the sidewalk, and for some moments they swayed and surged in one spot.
  • When I looked up and saw you up there something surged up in me that was in all the revolutions of history.
  • Many square miles of water were in the irregular lagoon, all of which surged out on the ebb through the one narrow channel.
  • He beamed and grinned in boyish happiness as the mob surged round his car so insistently that for a minute it could not proceed.
  • Then into his mind there surged a recollection of the dear old free days at home, never to come again.
  • The mob surged after the disappearing vehicle, and so ended up finally in the wide open space before the county jail.
  • After delivering one sharp, destructive volley, they seized their tomahawks and surged into the midst of their foe.
  • A great anger surged up in his heart, like the fierce passion that takes possession of a bull when he sees red.
  • The last thought that surged through my brain was the reflection that I was powerless in the hands of an enemy.
  • The enjoyment was surreptitious, but possibly all the more keen, and sounds of whispering and giggling surged out of every crevice.
  • Trees were uprooted, and mingling with the ice surged down towards the sea upon the crest of the unleashed, untamed torrent.

Definition of Surged

simple past tense and past participle of surge
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