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Definition of Surgery

(medicine) A procedure involving major incisions to remove, repair, or replace a part of a body. | (medicine) The medical specialty related to the performance of surgical procedures. | A room or department where surgery is performed.

How To Use Surgery In A Sentence?

  • Even the country neighborhood no longer regards such a piece of surgery as sensational.
  • He was hit in the head and should have died, but after much surgery he survived.
  • If it were an atavism or a rudimentary organ some social surgery or other might relieve us of it.
  • This man Slade, whoever he was, had performed a feat in surgery which seemed to me miraculous.
  • For twenty-five years, up to 1895, I practised medicine and surgery in a large city.
  • The little girl was shown to the Royal Academy of Surgery on the 16th of February, 1783.
  • The history of surgeons and surgery during the century is less distinguished than that of the physician and his practice.
  • But it is not only in the actual processes of surgery that this great improvement in human art may be noted.
  • But he so infrequently enters the domain of surgery that he shrinks from undertaking it, except under circumstances where there is no alternative.
  • In knowledge and skill in both surgery and medicine they do not seem to have been much behind the practitioners of two centuries ago.
  • And it began to look like a case of the cosmic jitters that only the most drastic of orbital surgery could cure.
  • It is no such thing; medicine is the surgery of functions, as surgery proper is that of limbs and organs.
  • To have the public learn that this piece of surgery upon which his reputation was based was in reality a case of malpractice meant ruin.
  • An old woman who was skilled in herbal remedies and rough surgery made him lie down on his back upon the ground.
  • It is no such thing; medicine is the surgery of functions, as surgery proper is that of limbs and organs.
  • He seemed absorbed in a book on surgery that he had borrowed from a chance-met acquaintance in the go-down where he drew the medical supplies.
  • In medicine be the man ever so clever, if he has no tact with his patients his surgery bell will remain for ever silent.
  • Late Examiner in Surgery at the Universities of Cambridge, London and Durham.
  • But the wiser doctors have lost their faith in blood-letting; and they know that clumsy surgery kills more than it cures.
  • The first tottering systems of the 1960s required fairly extensive internal surgery merely to function day-by-day.
  • While surgery has been making rapid strides toward the position of an exact science, confidence in materia medica is on the wane.
  • But, of course, there are a great many of the seriously wounded that no amount of aseptic and skilled surgery or nursing can save.
  • There were medics available and though the wound was a decisive one, it need not be fatal, not in this day of surgery and antibiotics.
  • I felt as I came into the surgery where he was standing over by the window looking out at my garden in its twilight glow.
  • The three-year-older's wound was of a formidable sort, and not one which the mother's surgery would have been equal to.
  • Mr. Ambassador, it is gunshot-wound cases which keep the practice of medicine and surgery alive on this planet.
  • The Spanish windlass, which is used in surgery for controlling haemorrage, seemed to me to be applicable for fastening scions in place.
  • Do not give up in despair when you are informed that a cataract is developing; remember that in these days of advanced surgery it can be removed with little or no danger to vision.
  • A good old Connecticut doctor had a negro servant, Primus, who rode with him and helped him in his surgery and shop.
  • Meanwhile, however, surgery has opposed itself not only to cancers but to all kinds of tumors, until danger from these sores has been greatly lessened.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Surgery | Surgery Sentence

  • Minor surgery of the urinary tract.
  • Persian surgery is not much better.
  • He will call for you at the surgery at half-past eleven.
  • The surgery was all right enough, but life had ebbed away.
  • It was a simple fact demonstrated by surgery and accepted now by the laity.
  • Altogether, a man learns a good deal about surgery in Chelsea.
  • Sewell's ruthless surgery is most evident in that last paragraph.
  • CLARK, ANSON L. Minor surgery of the urinary tract.
  • SEE Garnsey, C. E. Minor surgery of the urinary tract.
  • You know nothing of surgery of the feet," said Ducardanoy, scornfully.

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