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  • A rich gold field has been discovered between the two rivers, Lava and Papanahoni, in Surinam.
  • Thus in the Surinam toad the male spreads the ova on the back of the female, where skin cavities form in which the tadpoles develop.
  • Camillea surinamensis as named by Berkeley from specimens from Surinam, type at Kew, is exactly the same species.
  • The opening is done in a variety of ways, but the practice followed in Surinam would be an excellent one here if experienced labor was not at command.
  • The unscrupulous slave-dealer brought him to Surinam, and sold him and seventeen of his followers to our overseer, a young Cornishman named Trefry.
  • He told them that in order to return to France he had availed himself of the papers of a poor fellow who had died in his arms at Surinam from yellow fever.
  • But, to his horror and surprise, he was taken back to Surinam, and tied to a stake at the whipping-place, and lashed until the very flesh was torn from his bones.
  • In the morning, they saw land, but at a great distance, and dispatching a boat, it returned late at night with a load of water: they had reached Surinam.
  • I was invited to the wedding, and I assured Oroonoko that he and his wife would be set free as soon as the lord-governor of the colony returned to Surinam.
  • In the Caroline Islands it reaches 5 pounds and in Surinam, according to M. Nichols, the average at maturity is 6 1/2 pounds.
  • Nothing could therefore be easier than for Quenu's half brother to pass himself off as the man who had died at Surinam.
  • As a child, she went out to Dutch Guiana, then an English colony named after the Surinam River, returning to England about 1658.
  • I'd shipped for the v'yage out and back, but the first night in port I slipped over the side, swum ashore, and never set eyes on old Perkins again till that time in Surinam, years afterward.
  • Unfortunately, both for me and Oroonoko, my father, who had been appointed lieutenant-general of the West Indies and Guiana, died at sea on his way to Surinam, and the new lord-governor was long in arriving.
  • She was going off Berbice or Surinam, to look after the West Indiamen, who were on the coast, or expected on it, I don't know which.
  • Elated with this spoil, they fixed on the Devil's Islands, in the Surinam river, as a place for a revel, and, arriving there, found the governor ready to barter.
  • It would put them beyond the reach of all good influence from the higher civilization of the whites, without which they might relapse into barbarism like the Maroons of Surinam, and it would deprive the whole Southern country of the very labor it needs.
  • Because the Dutch States-General, which did not know enough, in deciding between New York and Surinam, to choose New York, took Surinam, and they have been wishing ever since they never had been born.
  • By some extraordinary ignorance of navigation, Roberts, in trying to reach the Cape Verd islands, got to leeward of his port, and, obliged to go back again with the trade wind, returned to the West Indies, steering for Surinam, 700 leagues distant, with one hogshead of water for 124 souls.
  • A description of Surinam written in 1651 says: "Rhum made from sugar-canes is called kill-devil in New England."
  • Byam, was governor of the Leeward Islands,[80] 1715, and president of the council of Antigua in 1707, born at Surinam, 1663-4, and m. 1st, Mary, dau.
  • Elated with this booty, they had nothing now to think of but some safe retreat where they might give themselves up to all the pleasures that luxury and wantonness could bestow; and for the present pitched upon a place called the Devil's Islands in the river of Surinam, on the coast of Caiana, where they arrived, and found the civilest reception imaginable, not only from the governor and factory, but their wives, who exchanged wares, and drove a considerable trade with them.
  • Later, during a residence in Dutch Guiana, South America, she wrote for the _Atlantic Monthly_ some interesting sketches of the natives of Surinam.
  • The coast of Guinea can be much more easily visited from Caraccas, Cayenne, and Surinam, than from any portion of Europe; and the Cape of Good Hope, lying directly to the east of the great river La Plata, is much better adapted to an intercourse with Rio Janeiro, and Buenos Ayres, than any of the Dutch or English colonies.
  • While Commander-in-chief in the West Indies, he captured Surinam, and various islands; and for his services was made K.B. He lived respected and beloved, and departed this life in his seventy-second year, on the 11th
  • When I made his acquaintance I was living in that part of our South American colony called Surinam, which we lately ceded to the Dutch--a great mistake, I think, for the land was fertile, and the natives were friendly, and many Englishmen had set up sugar plantations, which they worked by means of negroes.
  • Large as the dimensions of the talipot leaf may appear, it is exceeded in size by the _troolie_ of Surinam, which extends on the ground, and has frequently been known to attain the width of three feet, and the length of thirty.
  • This elegant and romantic lyric appears to have been inspired by a passage in the life of John Oxenbridge, of whom, 'religionis causa oberrantem,' it is enough to note that, after migrating to Bermudas, where he had a church, and being 'ejected' at the Restoration from an English cure, he went to Surinam (1662-67), to Barbadoes (1667), and to New England (1669), where he was made pastor of 'the First Church of Boston' (1670), and where he died in 1674.
  • "Clemene," he said, "did you not hear that one of the princes of your people arrived in Surinam yesterday?
  • It is supposed he died at Surinam, previous to the removal of that colony to Antigua, according to the terms of the treaty of Breda, in 1667, leaving, by ----, his wife, a son, Samuel Martin, major in the army, speaker of the house of assembly in Antigua, in 1689, during the administration of Christopher Codrington, the elder.
  • The story of her desperate encounter off the mouth of the Surinam River with the British sloop of war _Coquette
  • One of the most striking alleged facts connected with the mysterious relation existing between the serpent and the human species is the influence which the poison of the _Crotalus_, taken internally, seemed to produce over the _moral faculties_, in the experiments instituted by Dr. Hering at Surinam.
  • As a matter of course, he tendered his services to the old lady first, who, though she had been _whipped_ in and out of as many ships as any English dragoon-horse during the war of the Peninsula, thought proper to curvet and prance, and show as much skittishness as a mule embarking at Hartford, or Weathersfield, or Middletown, for a tour of duty at Surinam or Demerara.

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  • To this day in Surinam the Dutch call them lyre-players.
  • Surinam, 187.
  • Surinam Forest.
  • I've had the pleasure of telling him so sence--'twas in Surinam 'long in '72.
  • Surinam was a perpetual _casus belli_.
  • Cosa and Amerigo Vespucci, 165 arrival on the coast of Surinam,
  • 1,375 Surinam, 1906 | ...
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