Surly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Surly

1. Others might think them surly or prosaic. 🔊

2. A surly nod was the sole answer. 🔊

3. Dry throats make surly answers, as the proverb says. 🔊

4. But the Political Economist was surly about his compliment. 🔊

5. This same Farmer Gammon seems a surly spark. 🔊

6. Old Tanner turned a surly back upon Frank. 🔊

7. He was noted for his meanness and for his surly disposition toward all. 🔊

8. Hugh was distinctly distant and surly for another reason as well. 🔊

9. Slowly and with a surly face he came forward to take the horses. 🔊

10. Markart had come in by now, but he was too surly and sore to speak. 🔊

11. A surly dog," he thought him. 🔊

12. The cookee was a surly looking chap of about twenty-one years of age. 🔊

13. But if Dick was unsettled, this was not his surly mood of the night before. 🔊

How to use Surly in Sentences?

1. He was lurking in the hall below, waiting for her surly and sour and insulting. 🔊

2. In spite of the conventional terms there was a surly burr to his tone that belied the courtesy. 🔊

3. After his first set-to with the surly laborer, he had not had any open trouble with his men. 🔊

4. For five minutes the surly oarsmen pulled away, headed in the direction from which they came. 🔊

5. Whatever surly sweetness possession can give, is tasted in England to the dregs. 🔊

6. And one of them, a tall, surly fellow, was quite evidently bent on making trouble. 🔊

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