Surmises In A Sentence

How To Use Surmises In A Sentence?

  • I have been right in my surmises after all; this spot is destined to be haunted.
  • I reflected that all dangerous surmises would be effectually precluded by this belief.
  • And were it surmised, was it not customary that such surmises should be kept in the dark?
  • As will be understood by our later discoveries, my surmises were not quite correct.
  • Here was something tangible, bearing out surmises that had seemed wild to himself.
  • Considering my situation, would he regard my fears and my surmises as criminal?
  • Wellhausen surmises that the seraphs of the Jews are to be traced to some such origin.
  • Now these doubts and surmises are metaphysical spectres which it remains for Metaphysics to lay.
  • There may also have been other rumours of a large river besides the surmises of the Ulloa party.
  • As the weeks slipped into May, many were the surmises as to what had become of the Von Mindens.
  • But these possibilities are much more credible than the surmises in which we have hitherto indulged.
  • I'm going to ask you to leave it to me and let me see if my surmises are correct.
  • And will not such conduct incur more dangerous surmises and suspicions than would arise from acting openly and directly?
  • In that gossipy little town, of course, there were endless surmises as to the why and wherefore of that private key.
  • If surmises were to be admitted before that court and that jury, said he, he could surmise his client out of there in two minutes.
  • The actual records are lacking, but such hints and surmises as we have do not warrant our thinking of him as a self-centred, unsociable youth.
  • So far there was little certain news, but rumors and surmises flew from mouth to mouth in busy streets and crowded saloons.
  • Banker was greatly disturbed by surmises and conjectures concerning the presence of the two negroes in the French capital.
  • Harry and her son might even not have gone to Gethin, and in that case their apprehensions and surmises would have been insupportable.
  • So she had heard surmises as to the remaining crew of that unfortunate ship, where, perhaps, Moses had a father.
  • The motives, for instance, of an action, must be almost always matter of surmise, and yet upon these surmises the conclusion will mainly depend.
  • Many will doubtless wonder why I have not proclaimed myself before, and why I have suffered so many conjectures and surmises to pass unchallenged.
  • I learnt that my surmises were right concerning the ship in the distance, and that the brig which was laden with crockery came ashore about the same period.
  • Her mind was filled with scarcely defined surmises concerning Aunt Isabel, her unexpected headache, and the too handsome harper.
  • To him it appeared a profanation of the very idea of Mariquita, to speak of her as indulging in surmises and calculations concerning her own matrimonial chances.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Surmises | Surmises Sentence

  • Both surmises are true.
  • His surmises were correct.
  • Her surmises must be ignorant.
  • Well, your surmises were wrong.
  • He made wild surmises as to what she might be thinking.
  • Well, well, all surmises would soon be at rest.
  • There have been surmises in the papers, but surmises are nothing.
  • It substitutes for facts dark surmises and malevolent insinuations.
  • Both of these surmises are partly wrong, and both partly right.
  • Mr. Holmes was not mistaken in his surmises about the weather.
  • To this day he can not put a name to it; he surmises that it was Wapping.

Definition of Surmises

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of surmise | plural of surmise
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