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  • John, you surpass yourself.
  • In all these respects a machine can surpass a man.
  • Could any fulsome effusion possibly surpass this?
  • I surpass in greatness the heaven and the vast earth.
  • The skins surpass the center about four-fold in salines.
  • Just as nothing can surpass your product, good leech.
  • Suzanne, my child; you surpass Venus.
  • Young is optimistic enough to believe that it is possible to surpass them.
  • There is nothing conceivable to surpass it as an agency in popular education.
  • With many men the strongest motive is the desire to surpass others.
  • I doubt whether we have any that surpass it, the birds being judges.
  • To music you give the chief place after war, in which none surpass you.
  • For fine shape and regular features, they perhaps surpass all other nations.
  • With proper folks when we appear, No one can then surpass us!
  • Starr's wedding must surpass all others in wonder and beauty and elegance.
  • How far was Jacob's desire to surpass his brother inspired by his mother?

How To Use Surpass In A Sentence?

  • She painted for the sake of painting and did not think of attempting to surpass her predecessors.
  • Skillful artificial means can still surpass the effect of these natural conditions.
  • Humanity was ready to rise above itself, to surpass all that it had hitherto accomplished.
  • If these men had lived longer, it would have been impossible for them to surpass themselves.
  • In horses of action, the forces of the hind-parts surpass those of the fore-parts.
  • Perchance I could learn to equal them or to surpass them at their own chosen pursuits.
  • No hickory has been found to surpass the Vest in the excellence of flavor of the kernel.
  • There is every reason to expect from him works that may not only equal but surpass the best of his production so far.
  • Is it not possible for a mind equally productive of religious truth to surpass with no less ease its age on such subjects?
  • There are passages in it of graphic eloquence, which it would be difficult to surpass from the writings of any other tourist, whatever.
  • Evidently inspired by the urgency of the situation, the Company determined to surpass all performances.
  • If it would only thrive and sing well when caged, like the canary, how far it would surpass that bird!
  • It is possible that she may obtain it, or surpass it; and though she might do better, she might do far worse.
  • Besides that, art can, in its turn, surpass nature, on the condition of not wishing to imitate it too closely.
  • As she thought of her position she determined first to surpass her competitor, and then in some way or other to bring the Professor to speech.
  • The worthy fellow was unwilling to own that, even in the matter of heat, the tropics could in any way surpass his own much-loved home.
  • If there be any department of elegant literature in which we may hope to surpass our European ancestors and cotemporaries, it is in eloquence.
  • The kingdom of God appears as the fifth universal kingdom, destined to survive and surpass all others.
  • But nothing can surpass the beauty of the shores of the bay as far up as Paramatta, about twenty miles inland.
  • Art may improve, but cannot surpass nature; and, therefore, it is the union of both which produces the perfect poet.
  • Scheherezade, I said to myself, could have invented no tales to surpass in thrilling interest the scenes which had been enacted here.
  • Time enough has not yet elapsed to cause the Mahometans to forget what they have been, or to cease to hope that they may yet surpass their fathers.
  • And in the city little ice-sheathed maples along an avenue, glistening under white arc lights, surpass the changing lusters of gray enamel.
  • On the Wabash River banks these trees surpass one hundred feet in height and three feet in diameter.

Definition of Surpass

(transitive) To go beyond, especially in a metaphoric or technical manner; to exceed.
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